Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Darwin, Internal Thoughts, 20120608.1159

Thundercats are Go!

I don’t have any of my stuff. Dammit!

(grumbling) I was right about Sim. Patch ‘em up and send ’em out and don’t bother him with medical situations that don’t involve blood or broken bones. If I live long enough, I’m filing kidnapping charges and reporting him to the medical board.

And Ferris. Can’t trust him. He left me with Bishop. Or left Bishop with me. I’m not sure. Ferris says Bishop is corrupted. They did something to him to try to fix it. He gave me a thing that I can use to destroy Bishop if the fix didn’t work. Wonderful. Cats to the left of me, Bishop to the right. At least I’ve got this much; when this thing with Bishop or the cats or both all go horribly terribly wrong, Ferris gets to be the one to explain it all. Him and Sim get to live with it forever and ever.



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