Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Darwin, personal log, Stardate 20120717.2135


I can see the door from where I am kneeling.

The fugitives won’t be far away. They will be waiting to hear the explosion when Ferris finally releases his grip on the dead man’s switch. They will want to know when the job is done. They wont be far, because the explosion only has to kill him without destroying the GTM, so it’ll be made small. They will be waiting for a while. The switch is disabled and Ferris is being stabilized for transport.

I am not going after them though. Not because Stubbins wants us to stay together. Not because I want to make Parker happy by avoiding the whole “take the fugitives to Tula for Tula justice” thing. No. If I go, Leckie will follow, and he would probably get himself killed keeping me alive. So, I stay.



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