Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Dr. Sim Kalev - Personal Log 20120627

Being confined in this improvised prison cell is both better and worse than being in a Cardassian prison camp.
Better because I’m not hauled out of my cell and tortured every three hours of the day.
Worse because, while in Cardassian hands, I at least had an all-consuming hatred to sustain me.

I feel no rancor towards Bindi Darwin. What I did to earn her enmity, before the stunning incident, naturally, is a complete mystery to me. Perhaps I will find out at some point.

While the result of the incident is regrettable, given the same set of circumstances I would do the same thing.
I have had everything I held dear taken from me once before. No. Twice.
It is not going to happen again.



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