Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Expedition Log - 20120711.1747

The USS Riemann notified us that P3-4797 would be entering it’s equinox shortly. This event would cause the GTM device to establish an uplink with all the network stations to exchange position update information. They estimated this uplink and update process would take several hours and very likely distort the planets magnetic field sufficiently to throw the GTM out of acceptable tolerance for operation. Star Fleet command made the decision to shut the unit down until such time as we are able to locate the station in our own galaxy and break the lock out encryption for the P3-4797 station. In the meantime the Riemann will be taking information supplied by Dr. Orden and attempting to simulate the sub-space communications link the GTM system uses, so that they can maintain communications with us during the GTM blackout.

CMDR Sim has been placed in detention after charges were filed by Ms. Darwin which indicated he had abducted her from the hospital to take her on a Jump Mission. Lt. Tezeno had him taken into custody and relocated to an improvised brig for the time being. It’s uncertain if a court martial will be conducted or what other steps will be taken.

In preparation for the GTM blackout the USS Hercules has arrived at P3-4797 to help assemble a supply Trans-Mat for us. Lists were prepared and sent to the Hercules to prepare the supplies that she had available. We are expecting the delivery tomorrow morning.

The official orders regarding the refugee group is that all military personnel are to be brought back to Mina, but all the civilians with the group are free to either return to Mina or continue as a group. The situation is complicated by the fact that the group killed a native to Tula, and CMDR Ferris has agreed to deliver the guilty party to the Tula so that they can impose whatever punishment their justice system deems appropriate.



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