Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120724.1110

I’m starting to wonder how long I can take this job. Ferris had me tell Darwin that he suspected that the motivation behind Sim’s actions were to effect the rescue of Petty Officer Shelton, who is pregnant with Sim’s child. Is the motivation relevant? More importantly, is it something that Darwin needed to know? The ends do not justify the means here, he attacked her and kidnapped her. We have to have three flag officers to hold a court martial, so the best we can hope for is the Riemann to establish a solid communications link so that we can get Star Fleet to convene one.

I’m not sure where Ferris stands on all of this. He’s being fairly casual about it, but that’s not anything new. He casually walked into the street to have some sort of gun fight with the Vscika General, so I have no idea what his thoughts on this whole thing are, and if I ask him I’m not sure I can tolerate the answer.

I need to talk to Peabody about this memo from Darwin. I’m not sure it’s as simple as that. Ferris hasn’t made it any easier with activating and deactivating her commission like a light switch. I’m not sure when she’s officially in Star Fleet and when she’s officially a civilian contractor. And what the hell was that all about anyway? Biron I almost understand, he had more experience than any of those green marines, but what was the point of reactivating Darwin? It’s not like we have a shortage of operations officers.

Then there is Ms. Parker. I’ve gotten myself into a mess. I could really use a drink.



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