Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Star Fleet Report - Lost Souls 2012A - Final Report

Lost Souls 2012A was successfully retrieved from the planet Mina in Galaxy X-972-8854.

The bodies of those who died on the expedition remain on Mina, buried in the traditional methods of the residents there. The Mina have marked the orchard with a plaque to memorialize the expedition and the help it provided them in their darkest hour.

Rifleman James Alley was remanded to the custody of the Tula for his part in the death of one of their young. He had a trial which was overseen by Lt. Bell of the Expedition, Field Leader Palmer of the Mina Combined Arms Group, and a representative of the Kanya. Alley was found guilty and sentenced to seven years in penal custody. The Tula, having no prison system, transferred custody of Alley to the Kanya to serve his time in their penal system. The Mina have agreed to allow Rifleman Alley to return to Mina after he has served his time and become a member of their society if he so chooses.

Administrative matters are in process for the LS 2012A group and will take several weeks to sort out.

Star Fleet Command and Federation Senate

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