Administrator Clerance Peabody

Colonial administrator assigned to team 3 to help get the survey accomplished and ensure everyone does their fair share.


Born on Sheridan Colony, Clerance is both sad that his home will be destroyed and excited to be part of the process of finding the colony a new home. He went to work in the Colonial Administration office right after graduating from university, which was the only time he’s been away from home before the expedition to P3-4797.

Sporting a perpetual good nature that sometimes makes people cringe, Clerance, who generally prefers to be addressed by his last name, wants to make sure that the colony administration has the best information possible when choosing the next site for the Sheridan Colony. He will admit, if questioned, that it would certainly not hurt his career if the site he was assigned to was chosen. But ultimately he wants the colony to get the best site possible.

Peabody is single, although he’s got several very close friendships. He’s known to be a modest drinker and has a fondness for golf. He’s highly organized and intelligent, diplomatic and usually well informed about the people around him. He tries to stay appraised of the well being of those he works with.

Administrator Clerance Peabody

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