Commander James C. Ferris

Mission Commander, and he'd probably rather not be.


James Ferris is a career Marine Officer. He graduated from Star Fleet Academy and has spent the last 25 years serving with distinction in the Marines.

Ferris is married, and his wife Emily lives in their home on Earth.

Commander Ferris has, for the time anyone on the survey team has known him, needed a haircut and often times needed a shave. He was rarely completely in uniform. His disposition is generally unpleasant, condescending, and disinterested. He spent most of his free time in his tent listening to his PADD on headphones, and possibly asleep. Only once the XO arrived was he awake the majority of the day. He tended to eat alone, avoid conversations of any kind with the other colonists, and even most of the Star Fleet personnel.

He did not present the image that most people expect of a Star Fleet Officer.

Commander James C. Ferris

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