Crewman Rick Briggs

Star Fleet Operations Clerk


Rick Briggs is a hell of a clerk. It was the only job that didn’t sound remotely dangerous. He’s not thrilled about the dangerous side of life in Star Fleet, but one tour and He’s out and can go to university and study business. He plans to go back home with a degree and manage the family construction business. His brothers are the hammer and nail guys, he’s going to be the guy that makes it all run smoothly.

Organized, with an eye for detail. He’s always in a sharp uniform, and generally has the answer to any question he’s supposed to, or he knows which manual to look it up in. He could have a good career in Star Fleet, but that’s not really in his plan. He’s a one tour winder, but he’s not going to slack off while he’s here.

Crewman Rick Briggs

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