Dr. Sim Kalev


Quick d6
Thinking d10
Feeling d8
Foreful d8
Covert d6

Expectations of Competence

Starfleet Doctor – Surgeon
Cool Under Fire
Musician – Sitar, Lute

Soldier d6
Kit (Doctor’s Professional Kit) d6

Michaela (Mickey) d6
Ripley d6
“Snafu” (Muriel – Marine Nurse) d6

Medical Reference Book owned by Dr. Gor Shelid
Sitar – gift from Sim’s deceased wife


Sim Kalev was little more than a boy when his home world of Bajor was invaded by Cardassia. Both of his parents joined the resistance movement and both died as martyrs to their cause.
His two brothers followed their parents and met similar fates.
Sim, now alone in the world except for some distant relations who may or may not have had any interest in his existence or well-being, joined up with the same unit his brothers had belonged to. It didn’t take him long to wind up in a field hospital to convalesce from a slight but very painful wound.
While in the hospital camp he was often pressed into service as a stretcher-bearer and all-purpose errand boy. The doctor in charge of the field hospital, Gor Shelid, took something of a shine to Sim and successfully convinced the unit commander that the boy would be more useful to him as a hospital aide than out in the field.
For the next two years Sim watched and learned everything Gor was willing to teach him about the healing arts.
When their sector was hit by a devastating ground and air assault the field hospital was not spared. In the end the resistance fighters successfully beat back the attack, but sustained massive casualties, including Dr. Gor Shelid, who lost both arms.
The doctor was dying and he knew it but he managed to survive long enough to talk and advise Sim through a seemingly never-ending series of operations and procedures.

After Dr. Gor’s death Sim remained in the hospital and by the end of the occupation had earned considerable notoriety for his abilities as a field medic.
When the Cardassians left Bajor so did Sim. There was nothing there to hold him and the planet held only sour memories for him. He parleyed some of the goodwill earned in his service with the resistance to gain an appointment to the Federation Academy and it is there that he completed his medical training.
Years of guerilla warfare left him with a keen desire to spend time off of terra firma so Sim put in for ship duty and has had a successful career as a Starfleet medical officer, rising to the rank of Commander.

Dr. Sim Kalev

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