Field Leader Palmer


A veteran of the Second Civil War, Palmer returned home after the Anti-Government Army was disbanded at the end of the war. After a period of adjustment he was convinced to seek service in the Combined Arms Group, since being a soldier seemed to be the place and time in his life where he felt most at home.

Enlisting in the CAG he was quickly promoted to what is essentially an officer and placed in command of a Field Unit, which is a group of between 20 and 50 enlisted men.

Palmer is confused by almost everything about the expedition, especially by Ripley. She says things that are totally illogical, but no one seems to think it’s strange except him.

At her request Palmer has given Ripley a gun, one of the CAG single Action revolvers. He’s drilled her on it’s care and use, and had her fire it repeatedly to practice her marksmanship. Next up will be the saber.

Field Leader Palmer

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