Michaela Parker

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"


Parker Family Timeline

25 years ago – Sophia Desjardin and her troop land at an isolated farming community to give a concert, but are kept there for three days due to bad weather. David Parker goes to the concert as a break from the long lonely winter days. She is barely 20 and he forty-five, but they fall in love, and, when the troop leaves, she stays behind with him.

24 years ago – Sophia and David are married and welcome little Michaela into their lives a mere ten months after that concert. They are happy and content to wait a while before adding to their family.

18 years ago – Jude is born.

17 years ago – Luke is born

15 years ago – The twins Trixie (Patricia) and Maggie (Magdalena) are born.

13 years ago – Robin (Robert) is born.

12 years ago – David Parker is killed when a farm machine explodes. Neighbor Patrick Drummond (age 16) is instrumental in helping the family keep their heads above water.

10 years ago – Michaela and Patrick start dating and are inseparable for the next four years.

6 years ago – Michaela enters Starfleet Academy leaving a heartbroken Patrick behind.

5 years ago – Michaela is recruited from the Academy to take on the leading role in Travels with Mikey, a travel series featuring her adventures around the known universe. The program is a huge success and she is able to provide her family with the support they desperately need.

The Parker Family Today

Sophia Parker (age 45) – Still beautiful and with the voice of an angel, gentle and dreamy, but not always practical

Michaela (age 24) – upbeat, optimistic, believes in fairy tales and happy endings, sees the humor in things and considers life a grand adventure, terrified of large reptiles ;-)

Jude and Luke (ages 18 and 17) – called “the twins” by the family because they are so much more alike than Trixie and Maggie. They are solid, dependable, love the land and the farm. They take after their father in that they have a hidden romantic side that few others know.

Trixie (age 15) – Trixie is tall, gawky, and angry at the world, her family and especially Michaela. Not only did Mikey leave them, but also she broke Patrick’s heart. Trixie has no idea what she wants to do with her life, but she hates it all right now.

Maggie (age 15) – Her amazing musical ability was evident from a young age. She’s quiet, shy and speaks more often through her compositions, rather than her words. The need for special tutors and schools for Maggie was a major incentive for Michaela leaving the Academy.

Robin (age 13) – Robin is in his own world most of the time. They were afraid he had something really wrong with him for a while, but found out that he was a genius and his mind quite often worked in a way that his words could not keep up. He also needs special tutoring and schools.

Patrick Drummond (age 28) – He works with Luke and Jude with running the farm, and with their hard work and the money Michaela has been able to send, they have been able to expand and modernize. He still loves her, but knows that she needs to choose explore and spread her wings. He does his best to be supportive and loving when she visits and hide the hurt when she leaves. (Melanie’s note – Patrick “belongs” in this family, but I’m not sure how. I think it’s possible that he and Michaela will end up together, but I think it’s also possible that he would wind up with Trixie or even Sophia, which would be a challenge for Michaela to deal with)

Michaela Parker

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