Wilfred "Drew" Stubbins

Seasoned forward recon marine



Quick d10 Forceful d8
Feeling d6 Thinking d6
Covert d8


Starfleet: Marine: Explorer
Rugged Survivalist


Social Fatigue


Field-expedient Remedies d6
Photographer d6
Tricorder d8
Pulse Rifle
Pulse Pistol
Kit: Marine d8
PAD d8
Comm-link d8

Personal Effects

  • Tomahawk
  • Camera
  • Field Tea Set
  • Photo Album (“digital”)
    • Principally planets & landscapes (vast majority by volume)
    • Pictures of two ex-wives, three children, close friends; almost noone else
Age 22 E-1 in Starfleet
Age 24 Marriage #1, Katarina Oriner (Starfleet enlisted, engineering)
Age 27 End of marriage #1, somewhat acrimonious separation, since “healed” and viewed with fondness (from a distance)
Age 32 Marriage #2, Chelsea Tezeno
Age 33 Child #1, Adrian Karl Stubbins-Tezeno
Age 36 Child #2, Sharon Ava Stubbins-Tezeno
Age 41 End of marriage #2, amicable separation, routine contact afterwards
Age 42 Child #3 (with wife #2, oops), Jessie Claudie Tezeno
Age 52 Retired after 30 years as E-7
Age 53 Toured Federation
Adrian (Child #1) enters training to become research psychologist, succeeds after several years
Age 54 Varied contract/consulting work
Age 55 Ex-wife #2 remarries to “nice guy” Harvey Cagney (research contractor to Starfleet)
Age 57 Sharon (Child #2) elopes with a long-haul freighter pilot
Age 57 Recalled to active duty as E-7 for the big war
Age 60 Retired (again), as E-8, misc. stable commercial work
Age 61 Jessie (Child #3) enters Starfleet Academy (command track, struggling, will make it)
Age 66 Jessie graduates, assigned USS Fenris
Age 67 Change of jobs, working for safari tours (starting getting the itch again)
Age 70 Recalled (again), as E-8, training cadre
Age 71 Game start

At some point in the past, Bindi and Stubbins had a brief fling.

Probably wasn’t at Wolf 359m, though certainly engaged in on- ship and on-planet anti-Borg defense (high attrition).

Has participated in the survey of over 43 worlds.

Wilfred "Drew" Stubbins

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