Mina Firearms Technology

weapon (ranged)

The Mina firearms technology is based around a medium grade gun powder technology mixed with a piezoelectric firing mechanism. Rifles tend to be breach loading, the mechanism like this one is simple to operate and fairly reliable.

Mina 45cal breech loader rifle

Pistols come in single-action for the most part.

Mina 40cal revolver

And what amounts to about .40 caliber is the norm for both rifles and pistols with some exceptions.

The Combine Arms Group (CAG) issue their officers double action revolvers, but these are still breach loading and generally run a slightly lower caliber and powder mix to reduce recoil for rapid fire. such as these .30 caliber double action CAG pistols.

Mina 30cal double action revolver

The Regulators use a hybrid double-rifle weapon which is a high caliber rifle (.50 caliber) for long distance shooting and a shot-gun load for close range.

Regulator shotgun

Artillery advanced during the last Civil War and the height of this is the Railway Guns that were used by both sides for heavy bombardment.

80cm k   dora   railway gun by royal blackwatch

These guns were deployed on the rail lines and used on targets up to fifty kilometers away.

Mina Firearms Technology

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