Mina Ground Vehicles

Local ground vehicles


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The Mina use a variety of ground vehicles. All are generally four wheeled vehicles using lead acid batteries an a power amplifier reversed engineered from the Grand Trans-Mat to drive an electric drive train. The power amplifying technology allows the relatively low output of lead acid batteries, roughly 15 volts each, to be stepped up to provide considerable power.

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A number of farm utility vehicles can be seen in and around Ocean Grove, with more conventional sedans making up the majority of vehicles in major cities. They are not without creature comforts including heating and air conditioning as well as radio interface navigational assist computers and communications.

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Norand, the man we found when we arrived on Mina, drove a fairly exotic car, but even this vehicle used the same power and control systems as the standard sedans. It’s main difference was in suspension and braking systems to allow it to be operated safely at much higher speeds.


Public transportation conveyances are also common, especially between cities that don’t have Trans-Mat stations.

Mina Ground Vehicles

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