Star Fleet Duty Uniforms

The standard duty uniform for Star Fleet personnel


The standard duty uniform for Star Fleet personnel in the field consists of a jacket and pants, with assorted utility pockets on the chest, sleeves and upper thighs. Compression under garments provide good temperature regulation. Boots are rugged and designed for all-terrain use. The jacket has a center line zipper, the under garments follow the same color scheme.

Division designation is presented as colored piping on the border of the gray shoulder patches. Name tags are present on the right side of the chest. Rank insignia for enlisted personnel are present on the shoulder in either white for ship board uniforms or in muted black and gray for field uniforms. Officer rank insignia are present just above the piping on the right side of the chest. Unit patches are present on the right shoulder when applicable and the UFP Fleet insignia is present on the left shoulder. The standard Star Fleet insignia is located on the left side of the chest.

On stations and aboard ships the standard communicator badge is worn directly over the Star Fleet insignia. When in the field if the mission dictates the use of tactical communicators these are employed instead. The insignia contains life sign sensors and tracking circuitry for use in monitoring away team members and for transporter lock.

Enlisted Uniforms

Enlisted duty uniform

Officer Uniforms

Officer duty uniform

Warrant Officer Uniforms

Warrant duty uniform


Star Fleet Duty Uniforms

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