Star Fleet Pulse Carbine - Combined Weapons System

Part of the Combined Weapons System, this kit turns the pulse pistol into a far more dangerous weapon.


Carbine alternate mode

When Federation Away Teams go into potentially hostile situations where the Pulse Pistol might not provide enough firepower, they take the Combined Weapons System Kit. The CWS transforms the standard issue pulse pistol into the Pulse Carbine. More power, better recharge cycling, more range, a more stable platform for the shooter, and selective fire modes.

Carbine diagram

The CWS is a kit which can be attached to the Pulse Pistol in under a minute. If a situation doesn’t require it the CWS kit can remain attached to the back of a Tactical Vest or in a Jump Bag. If a situation arises where it’s required it can be quickly deployed. One downside is that during the conversion process the weapon system is non-functional.


Star Fleet Pulse Carbine - Combined Weapons System

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