Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Darwin, Personal Log, 20120213.1545

Note to self: the local beer is not much more potent than water. Check the stuff coming out of the still to make sure it isn’t weak too: local plants affect it? If not, control distro; observations so far indicating that the locals have a low tolerance. Our stuff might kill them.

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120213.1355

The Jump Team is off an will probably be gone for a few weeks. Parker and Hutch got shot. Apparently nothing major, but Parker will have a heck of a story to tell and have trouble sitting for a while I’m told. Hutch might be in a sling and have a scar. You don’t see many of those on Star Fleet engineers.

Volker got winged. The scavenging party he was with came under fire. He got hit, the Marines returned fire. Lt. Ring talked them back through some procedures to prevent drawing whoever was shooting right back to us. Ring did okay, he seemed to be on top of things. When I mentioned it to Ferris he wasn’t impressed. “Sure he did okay, all he had to do was remember retreat procedures and give out map points. No one was shooting at him.” Put like that I guess it wasn’t hard. It made me think of my future some. Commanding a star ship (I know Jessie, don’t get ahead of yourself). But seriously, if I am in command of a ship, and we’re in a fight. Wont it seem the same? Removed from the sense of danger somewhat? I’ll be responding to tactical data, giving orders to people who I wont be looking at mostly. It makes me think that Marine officers, officers like Ferris, have a very different view of combat then the rest of us. They stare it and the men facing it right in the eyes. It makes dad make more sense. He’s better alone, away from everything. Maybe it’s how he finds his inner peace. Something Ferris doesn’t seem to have any of.

Things are getting worse out in the city. Ferris explained to me that it’s the natural decay of a civilization. He says that situations like this bring out two kinds of people. The best kind and the worst kind. But apparently the ones shooting at us might be either kind. as Ferris says, “We are an invading alien force.” So I guess I can understand how they might shoot first and not bother to ask questions.

The still is cooking up it’s first batch of possibly human consumable alcohol. The first batch got the no-go from Dr.. Aronson. She’s the civilian chemist who has been kind enough to help out with the secret project that apparently everyone knows about. the first batch went to the medical staff. Not fit for human consumption. But apparently good for cleaning wounds, instruments, and lighting things on fire.

Buckman has started taking suggestions from people for things they’d like to see on the menu. He’s trying to keep the food interesting, since the days tend to be pretty dull for the majority. It’s been helping. I’m afraid the still will help more. when I asked Ferris if we should enact some sort of strict rationing of the soon to be alcohol he was not helpful. “Whatever you think is best Lieutenant.” I so want to sock him in the mouth when he says that. But all I can muster is a Yes Sir. Good little command officer that I am. We’re going to have to keep it under lock and key. And I think I’ll have to set some sort of ration limit. Once I know how much it’ll make and how fast it will make it I can make a more informed decision.

The increased violence outside has some of the civilians freaked out. Hell it has me freaked out. Peabody came to Ferris and me and said that the majority don’t want to be part of the scavenging parties. I didn’t even get my mouth open before Ferris said that was fine and he understood and the Star Fleet personnel would handle it from now on. The folks that volunteered for the body disposal at the cathedral wanted it clear that they wished to keep working on that until it was done. Ferris gave that the nod as well. It makes me think he’s up to something, but later he explained that it’s our job to face danger on behalf of the civilians. He’s right. Which is annoying. Where is this wisdom when I ASK FOR IT!

Expedition Log - 20120213.1056

The Jump Team made a quick expeditionary jump to Venezara, the first leg of the journey to Equitoria to resupply Space Station Unity. A misunderstanding at the Trans-Mat site resulted in shots being exchanged and Ms. Parker and Petty Officer Hutchinson being wounded. Reports indicated neither wound was life threatening.

The Jump Team then regrouped in Venezara. They plan to take a ship to Equitoria to conduct the resupply mission. Initial reports say that the sea voyage will be three days, and Lt. JG McAllister suspects the resupply will take three to four days.

A work party came under fire from locals today. Marines returned fire and a coordinated effort allowed the team to be extracted from the fight with no serious casualties. Dr. Volker was hit in the arm. The Marine Combat Medic Shelton, Dr. Rioux, and Nurse Barton were able to treat the wound and are confident Dr. Volker will make a full recovery.

CMDR Ferris and Lt. Tezeno have devised a plan to begin clearing the bodies from the cathedral. Two teams of five using two pulse rifles tied into the city power grid will begin a systematic disintegration of the bodies. This work will be conducted while the engineers continue to study the Grand-Trans Mat.

Reports from Equitoria indicate the island is inhabited by large animals, described as being dinosaur like. Scientific data suggests that the animals on the island are not native to the planet, and an artifact similar to the pillars in Ocean Grove, is located on the island. the team intends to attempt to examine the device before leaving the island.

The resupply mission is reported as successful. Materials for eight months have been sent to Station Unity, which has made for crowded conditions for the crew according to Drax, but improved morale.

Armed conflict with locals is on the rise. Work parties were fired upon today by locals. Attempts to negotiate were met with gunfire. Administrator Peabody spoke with Lt. Tezeno and CMDR Ferris about rising concerns among the civilians regarding safety during work excursions. Foraging missions were becoming extremely dangerous and many of the civilians indicated that they did not feel safe, even with Marine escorts. CMDR Ferris agreed to stop having civilians participate in foraging missions, shifting that duty to Star Fleet personnel. The civilians who had volunteered to help with clearing the dead from the cathedral made a separate request through Administrator Peabody that they be allowed to continue their work. CMDR Ferris granted the request.

Darwin, Personal Log, 20120212.1225
welcome to dinosaur island

This planet has an incredible range of very large animals. On our way to the island which launches supplies to the orbiting space station, a small team was sent to reconnoiter a small seaside community which turned out to still have some inhabitants. After a brief, initially tense exchange in which the team identified us and our purpose for being in the area, the rest of the team was transported in, and one of the locals took us to a nearby Maritime Museum.

Local image recording technology is not very advanced, so all of the representations of creatures in the museum were rendered by hand and created at true scale. The sea teems with life, with creatures analogous to crustaceans, whales, and very large sharks represented. These life forms all appear to be native to the planet, unlike either resident sentient species. I am beginning to think that this planet may have been used for various purposes on numerous occasions by other space faring species. More on that to follow.

We borrowed a large sailing vessel from the local marina and headed out towards the Equatorial Launch Island; it took about three days to get there. We encountered none of the large aquatic species. Upon our arrival, we found our way to a facility at the dock area. While investigating the dock area, I came upon tracks which appeared to be generally reptilian in nature. The tracks were very large, from a large, bipedal creature which weighed in the neighborhood of 700 pounds. The creature’s droppings indicated it to be a meat eater. Soon after bringing this to the attention of the Officer in Charge, Lt McAllister, the creature attacked the group. Phasers brought it down. I do not like to kill, but in this instance it seemed necessary, so I ensured that it was dead by eviscerating it.

We borrowed a truck and drove up to the launch facility. We were stalked and then attacked by a pack of predators, the same species as that which attacked us at the dock. Their behavior indicates they are capable of working together towards a desired outcome. Their activity attracted the attention of an even larger predator, analogous to a Tyrannosaurus Rex in size and abilities. The ‘dinosaur’ attacked and ate one of the smaller reptilians, and we hurried off to the comparative safety of the launch facility, which is surrounded by layers of stockades and electrified fencing. Ms. Parker seems to be somewhat phobic of large reptiles. She may require sedatives to get back to the dock area.

I spent a good part of the next few days up in the facility watchtowers, observing the dinosaurs. There are large herbivorous species here as well. The interesting thing is that none of them are native to the planet, which makes me wonder: was this island, or this planet, a large game reserve planted with challenging prey for some as yet unknown species to hunt? Numerous alien artifacts indicate some sort of long term use of, or presence in, the region. That may explain the size and speed of the big cats as well; what if they were bred to possess challenging hunt characteristics?

On a side note, I believe Dr. Orden is in dire need of a boyfriend, and subconsciously, sees our stranding on this planet as an opportunity to pick and choose amongst the males present for the most suitable genetic material to sire her preferably math-talented children. She estimates that Star Fleet or the Federation have a very small chance to be able to rescue us, and thinks we should begin breeding. I am fairly certain that she has not fully considered all of the implications of her plans, and while watching her evaluate the men for their breeding potential is highly amusing, I am concerned for her and for the stability of the larger group of transplantees. I have full faith in an eventual rescue, and my primary goal is to survive long enough for the rescue to be implemented. I’m not sure they will have the necessary patience, and fear that they may give up trying to escape from this side of the transmat and set up their own colony here. I do not wish to be a colony broodmare.

Darwin, Personal Log 20120208.1434

I had another opportunity to observe one of the big cats up close and personal. A group of us made our way to the Ocean Grove zoo in the morning. While we were there, we collected a supply of animal tranquilizers which should work on the local fauna, as well as biological samples and data the local veterinarians had put together about the virus. The virus doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on the species native to the planet.

Many of the animals formerly housed at the zoo have not moved away; they are wandering around the area, but keeping their old dens and enclosures as their homes. I spotted tracks from one of the cats, and realized it wasn’t more than 50 meters away from where I stood; it was stalking the herd beasts that had gathered around a pond area. Stubbins wondered if it could be drawn out. He wanted to see how much it took to stun it, since the experiment from the night before only resulted in irritating that cat. I said it could be done with the right bait. Unfortunately, no goats were available for bait, only me. Lucky goats.

I herded the group into a set of enclosures to try to put some barriers between them and the cat, then wandered off in the direction of the cat. Stubbins insisted on trailing me. The cat was much faster than I anticipated it would be based on size alone; it is slightly larger and bulkier than Earth’s Felidae Panthera tigris tigris, but as fast, or possibly faster than Felidae Acinonyx jubatus. A marine said he stunned me instead of the cat in order to keep me from being plowed down; indeed, it did pass directly through where I had been the moment before I collapsed to the ground. I suspect it was not intentional, but I am not one to argue with good fortune so I will never, ever, question his claim.

We estimate that it took two full phaser blasts on the highest stun settings to bring it down. Not one to waste an opportunity,in spite of scrambled neurons I managed to convey my desire for Dr. Sim to collect blood and tissue samples while the cat was knocked out. Sim understood “Buh ba buh buh” almost as well as some of my Vulcan friends might. Is that dialect taught in Medical school? Unfortunately, I was not thinking well enough to ask someone tag the cat with a transponder, and I cannot recall if anyone else thought to do it.

Between the problems here caused by the virus and the gate/planetary instability problem on the other end of the Grand Trans Mat, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll ever go home again. I do not doubt there are people working to find us as hard as we are working to get back. I wonder if it will be enough. Its different this time, different from the other times. I really need that still to be up and running.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120208.1012

Tezeno came to see me early this morning. the Marines had been telling people that some noise in the distance was thunder. It helped people go back to sleep. It was gun fire. She asked if we should tell the colonists. I told her to do what she thought would be best. She gets this look on her face when she’s torqued out of shape that almost makes me smile. She’s a command officer, she needs to make these sorts of calls, someday there wont be a grizzled old SOB around to offer her advice.

The gun fire was too sporadic to be combat. It’s possible it was someone having an unpleasant run in with one of the liberated zoo animals. Or it was murder. Low volley rates.

Things are going to get worse.

Lt. JG McAllister made first contact with some of the locals today. From the sounds of things he nearly got himself shot. He’s a good officer, just maybe not cut out for command. But, on the bright side, this little adventure will tell him for sure if it’s for him or not.

I fear that we will start to pick up strays. Dr. Biron befriended a local, maybe ten or twelve. He’s probably not going to be able to shake her from what I’m hearing now. This is going to complicate things. I got a text message from McAllister. He’s curious about my assigning Cobb to babysit Dr. Orden, asking if it’s necessary. I should pull Cobb from the job for three days and then ask Mcallister if he trusted my judgment or still had doubts. Only problem is, I can’t trust her not to get killed, and if Dr. Vollker is right she’s our best chance of getting the hell out of here. so I really can’t risk letting her get killed.

I found some crutches that I managed to adjust for me. It’s nice that the Mina and Vsika are so different in height, they thought to make just about everything adjustable. I get a lot of compliments at how good I get around on them. It reminds me how many times I’ve had to. That in turn makes me think I’m too tired to do this anymore. But I can’t just go lay down. Not now. As much as I hate the idea, there are entirely too many people counting on me not to go to sleep.

Speaking of sleep. Parker found out about this stuff called Jazi. Drax mentioned it to her. It’s tea, for all intents and purposes. But it’s pretty strong. Buckman has managed to make it strong enough to be coffee like. It’s not coffee, but it may still save lives.

The medical folks have stopped chasing me around with pain killers. As much as I loved the attention, I’m glad to have that milestone passed. Now I just need to wait for the still to be finished so I can get bombed out of my gourd.

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120207.1132

The Marines were telling the civilians last night that the sound in the distance was thunder. At the morning briefing I explained that they were mistaken, and that we’d learned it was actually gun fire. I want them to be aware of the dangers. CMDR Ferris had no objection, but he so unhelpfully didn’t really give me any advice either.

Ms. Parker has been helpful, keeping an ear to the ground and letting me know the temper of the civilians. Peabody has been playing things close, he’s trying to keep everyone happy in the civilian camp, and that wont be possible. I’m hoping that things don’t get messy. Ferris will probably drop the hammer on anyone that questions his authority, and I’m going to be the one picking up the pieces.

Dad is on the Jump Team. I’m telling myself it’s because Greer can handle the Marines and the Jump Team needs dad’s experience. I don’t want to think I’m asking him to leave all the time just to avoid uncomfortable moments. It’s funny, Parker and I were talking about family and growing up. She’s got a lot of siblings, and she seems so happy. She’s out here in the big vast universe too. She’s not married, she doesn’t seem to be the type to sit on the sidelines. So why is mom so bent out of shape about me being in Star Fleet? It can’t be just because dad was a career Marine. They divorced, and I know they still had feelings because I came along after the divorce. So what isn’t she telling me about? and is it important? Will it change anything? I joined, I’m an officer, and I’m in for the long haul. Of course that could mean a short career if we don’t get out of here sometime soon.

We assigned Lt. JG McAllister to the Jump Team as OIC. They needed an officer, and he was the only choice that didn’t seem totally bad. I’m so elitist with my red uniform, sheesh. He’s enthusiastic. He’s also one of a very few officers I have, so I lead with my strong candidate. I just hope it wasn’t a mistake.

The Jump Team is going to be on the move for a while. And more locals are finding out about us all the time. McAllister made first contact with some Regulators, which are apparently like roaming police officers. the team also met five other survivors living in a sort of family unit, and then Biron’s little girl. I’m still sifting through the report, trying to figure out why Bishop suggested him as the person to talk to the girl. He might be buggy, which is the last thing I need. Maybe I’ll ask Hutch to run a full diagnostic on his AI systems. If he’s breaking down I need to know sooner rather than later.

Lt. JG McAllister - Personal Log - 20120207.0949

I have been assigned as the OIC of the Jump Team. Not really what I expected, but I’m up to the task. The Marine Senior Chief is part of the team, and so I will be relying on him heavily for his tactical expertise. He’s been very helpful so far, and it’s reassuring that Lt. Tezeno felt I would be a suitable choice for this task.

Our first mission was to investigate the zoo, Ms. Darwin wanted to get some materials from there, and Dr. Sim seemed convinced that there might be useful information regarding the animal life on the planet and how the virus effected them. Dr. Orden needed the operators manual for the local Trans-Mat system, and we had learned that could be acquired from the civil offices. I decided to split the team to tackle both problems at once, and then to rendezvous before taking care of our second missions.

I went to the civic center and we encountered a local law enforcement officer and his deputy. I thought the encounter went very well. It seems that the Regulators are charged with keeping the peace, and this pair had been informed someone was breaking into the civic center. I made initial contact, and we assured them that we were peaceful and explained what we were there for. He seemed to accept that, and there was not trouble.

The team at the zoo had an encounter with one of the planets large feline predators. There were no serious injuries, although one of the Marines stunned Darwin. He insisted that it was intentional, to prevent her from being seriously injured when the cat made an unpredicted assault. Eye witness reports suggest had she not been stunned and fallen the cat, which had also been stunned, would have plowed into her with considerable force.

Mission two was to conduct a more expanded first contact with some locals the Jump Team had encountered the day before, and to investigate the train station where the local Trans-Mat was. We kept the same personnel split, I accompanied the group to the Trans-Mat station.

We sent a small group back to base camp with materials and samples we’d collected from the zoo and copies of the Trans-Mat operations manual.

At the train station Bishop discovered a young child on his recon, and determined that Dr. Biron would be the best suited of the team to conduct first contact. I’m amazed with the sophistication of the AI systems and their reasoning abilities. I saw no reason to dispute the analysis and asked Dr. Biron to investigate. the facility had been set up as a clinic for the victims of the virus, and had the dead stacked three deep in row after row. The arrival at the cathedral had been a hard experience, all those dead just sitting there. This was something else entirely. I hope to never see anything like this again, but I fear I will.

Dr. Orden got the Trans-Mat working, and wanted to conduct an immediate jump. I thought it best we wait to test it and asked her to find a neutral location, some place that was available bu neither of our intended future destinations.

With the help of a local woman that the other team met during the first contact, we were able to lay the mother of the young girl to rest with the proper ceremony. The girl seems to have elected to stay with Biron as opposed to be with her own people. I have the feeling that CMDR Ferris wont be too keen on this, but the girl has suffered enough trauma and forcing her to go with someone other than Biron seemed ill advised.

We conducted a test of the Trans-Mat. Bishop, Dr. Orden, and a Marine who I assume was given orders by the Commander to look after Dr. Orden, went through. They reported back a few minutes later. The city was larger than Ocean Grove, a population on the order of 1.5 million. The Trans-Mat station showed signs of having been barricaded and defended by armed guards. It had been overrun, and there were numerous dead. the city beyond showed signs of conflict, and evidence of a number of fires could bee seen. It seems ion the more congested areas panic and riots did occur.

We are going to take some time to collect any useful material from the train station and then embark on the next mission. Making our way to the island support base for Unity Station and attempting to resupply them.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120201.1227

Coffee is in short supply. Beyond that I couldn’t care less what we need or don’t have. They’re working on a still. Apparently Darwin has made a few in her day, and so she’s tasked with constructing this one. Stubbins assigned some Marines to help her. They need to learn these things early if they intend to make it as Marines.

Did I say coffee was in short supply? I have one cup a day. I’m still dodging the pain killers the medical folks want to give me. I really want them. Really really want them.

The folks on the Mina space station are on a short count down to dieing. The ground station that resupplies them is quiet. Probably all died. We’re sending the Jump Team to help them out. We can’t risk loosing our only link to the government. We’re an invading alien force. It’s only a matter of time before we’re in conflict with someone here. The advantage is, and this sucks, most of them are dead.

Dr. Orden was teaching herself to drive so she could go to the university to get some research the Mina have that she feels we absolutely need. Like she was just gonna go alone. She didn’t think there might be a faster way, or safer way. She was just going to learn to drive, and then go. I have the feeling I will need to assign her a handler.

Apparently someone let the critters out of the zoo. Which is great if you’re a zoo critter. Darwin and Bishop tracked a large cat last night. When I say large, I mean man-eating size. Bishop was testing the pulse pistol stun setting to see it we could use them safely. Apparently, it’s not a happy kitty. I’d rather kill people than wild animals any day of the week. And I’m not sure what that says about me.

Have I mentioned coffee is in short supply?

Personal Log, B.Darwin, Stardate 201201311650

I had the opportunity to observe a beautiful native felid-like creature this evening. It was probably set free from the local zoo when its keepers realized they were dying; the limited information available to me indicates it is not a species local to this region. It was a magnificent beast, graceful, powerful, and, I suspect, quite deadly. Naturally, someone is already trying to figure out how to shoot it.

If I can steal away for a short while in the morning, I may try to find the zoo grounds. They probably stored appropriate animal tranquilizers and delivery mechanisms in a veterinary office on site. I’d much rather tranquilize the felid and use the local transmat device to transport the creature back to its native area. However, the engineers and the mathematicians are eager to use said device to send an exploration team to the University city, and I may not get my chance as I am to accompany the team on their journey to see the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. I should talk to Moriarty; she’d understand exactly what to look for at the zoo.


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