Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Darwin, Personal Log, 20120603.2237

Now that I think about it, I probably should have paid more attention to myself after chasing down and killing the insane Vscikan. Warning signs have been popping up for weeks, maybe months now. Depression, irritability, anger, avoidance, self imposed isolation, reckless self endangerment… they told me what to watch for. I was just too deep in to see it, and nobody bothered to catch me when I fell.

Tonight I screwed up everything, maybe forever. I punched Ferris, more than once. The reactivation of my Star Fleet commission went away, which was good because it never should have been reactivated (they promised), but I might have lost a whole lot more with it.

He had to have read my psych evals. My private, confidential, medical-staff-only psych evals. It doesn’t excuse what I did, but he knew precisely down to the finest details which sore spots to press on in my mind, and I cracked big time, and I completely lost it. He came looking for a fight, but that still doesn’t make me right, so now it’s six years of therapy and who knows what else down the tubes.

Lt. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120603.1125

Since the refugees left camp with the GTM and we’ve re-established communications with Star Fleet morale has been good. Except in the Jump Team. Ferris put in requests to re-activate Darwin’s commission and Byron’s enlisted rank. I’m not entirely sure why, and I didn’t ask. Maybe I should have. Darwin and Ferris had a bit of a stare off on the last jump, and Darwin has been walking around like a storm cloud. Then, she hit him. And he had her commission revoked again.

Mom wrote dad. She didn’t bother to write me however. Bindi seems to think that it’s because mom holds him responsible for me, like I’m some kind of kid or something. I’m a graduate of Star Fleet Academy! I’m a Lieutenant, the Executive Office of this expedition! She didn’t want him to have anything to do with us when I was growing up, and now all of a sudden he’s supposed to be responsible for me! I’m responsible for HIM DAMNIT! Him and every other living soul on this expedition! It’s my job to make sure that they stay in one piece, stay alive, and get home! And she’s writing HIM to tell him to look after ME!

Now apparently Dr. Orden is CMDR Ferris’ daughter. I suppose in truth this was always the case, but now the knowledge is in her hands, and the hands of a lot of other people since she’s not used to shutting her communicator off. Reading Ferris and reading Orden are never easy. I can’t tell if they’re supposed to be happy or not. But by damn I’m gonna make sure that at least one father and daughter get along on this damn trip!

Bindi told me a few things, and I confirmed them with other sources as well as possible. Dad is to blame for everything. That’s my stand, and I’m the XO so it’s true! He wrote the love poems to Ripley, and the brownie debacle, and this led to the game of smell the arm pits that led to marine Sisk disobeying Ferris’ orders and having sex with Ripley, which led to the discovery of Ripley being Ferris’ daughter, which I KNOW led to Darwin beating the piss out of Ferris. Now I know why mom divorced him, manipulative SOB!

Now I want them to go get the refugees back! I’m responsible for those people!

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120601.1001

Apparently one of my marines slipped and fell and his dick ended up in Dr. Orden. She’s been on the crusade to start a colony so that future generations will have all her knowledge. The senior NCOs have been putting him through the ringer, but it would have been nice to tell me. I have the feeling I know why they didn’t, the same reason everyone else didn’t. They were afraid I’d kill him. The thought crossed my mind right up until the point I asked him if it had been worth it. Mind you the entire time Orden is ranting and raving. I don’t think these colonists really get the whole I’m in charge thing.

So this comes on the tail end of good and bad news. Good news, Star Fleet managed to re-establish contact with us. Bad news, three days later Dr. Stone and several others, including two marines, left through the GTM to parts unknown. They scrambled the logs in an attempt to throw us off their trail, but as it happens Bishop’s Ugly Girlfriend was able to route out the location info for us. Now I’m just waiting for Star Fleet Command to tell me if we’re going after them or not. and if I’m allowed to shoot Stone.

I reactivated Bindi and Byron. Bindi was so thrilled I thought she was gonna knife me on the spot. I also asked if we could activate Parker. As it so happens she was in the academy, and then left for her career. They said I could probably pull it off with a waiver from the Senate, something about her obligation period to fleet. I decided not to. I can really only afford to be a dick so much to these people.

Strangely, morale is high. I think Stone leaving with his posse actually helped cut down on the unhappy to happy ratio. That and contact with home always helps.

If I understand Orden right, and that’s a stretch at best, we need to get to the world closest to P3-4797 and then Trans-Mat from there. That will be the easiest jump for the system on P3-4797 to handle. Now we just need to find out which gate that is, and hope it’s not occupied by an unpleasant species. Cake.

[Bindi] Flashback: Knock Knock

“Knock knock.”

“I do not understand.”

“Just say ’who’s there.’”

“But I already know your identity.”

“Yes, but it’s for the joke.”

“This is a joke?”

“You better believe it, brother.”

“Knock knock.”

“This is illogical.”

“Knock knock.”

" … "

“Knock knock.”

“Very well. Who is there?”


“The Terran fruit or the pigment?”

“It doesn’t matter. Either one.”

“Then I choose Earth’s pithy citrus.”

“…You know what? NEVER MIND.”


“I do not ‘get it.’”

Expedition Log - 201205161351

The Jump Team returned to Makara after receiving a signal indicating that survivors would meet them at the GTM. CMDR Ferris and a full squad of marines accompanied the team.

The Jump Team determined that the alien threat force which had attacked the Makara was still present, and continuing to engage when it located pockets of civilization. During one of these engagements the survivors were moved to the protection of the Ancient Pillars which it was determined were able to use directed EMP against the drones. It was also determined that a protective field could be generated inside the perimeter of the pillars.

CMDR Ferris took a fire team of marines to set up a diversion so that the Makara civilians could move from their encampment to the protected area near the GTM. Dr. Orden and PO Hutchinson were able to get the protective field activated, which proved an effective defense. CMDR Ferris asked if the GTM could be used as a weapon, directing the matter stream it had gathered by disintegrating drones against the star ship in orbit. Dr. Orden made the necessary adjustments and the weapon was used to destroy the star ship.

The most critically wounded Makara were evacuated to Mina through the GTM and the Jump Team held station on Makara, joined by Ms. Parker who had conveyed the Central Authority members from their island refuge to Ocean Grove to set up government again.

The Jump Team then ventured to Vibaha, to see if they could learn anything about the cause of that civilizations fall. The Makara suspected that was the world the alien threat had followed them from. It was learned that the Vibaha had been in relatively open communication with the Vedas right up until the Vedas took their station out of the network to protect the other worlds from the threat, which we were able to determine was the alien threat which had attacked Makara.

The Jump Team will be returning directly to Mina after they complete their survey of Vibaha.

Expedition Log - 20120428.0956

The Jump Team made preparations to go to Makara at the request of the Mina Central Authority. Dr. Orden and Ms. Parker began showing flu-like symptoms and were immediately quarantined. It was determined they were suffering from some sort of food allergy reaction to a local delicacy they had both shared. Although not considered contagious they were dropped from the jump to Makara.

The team reported they observed signs of a conflict. It appeared the Makara had been attacked by someone using advanced drone weapons systems. Information the team gathered suggested the Makara had been retreating civilians from their cities and engaging in defensive fighting.

PO Hutchinson took detailed scans of the alien devices including analysis of the traces of atmosphere in the casings. He concluded that the devices came from somewhere off the planet’s surface.

Examination of the Makara records suggested that the attacks began only days after they returned from Mina. Within a month they fell back from the city of Kura, where the GTM is located, which explains why they were unable to respond to out hails.

The Jump Team modified parts from one of the drones to broadcast a voice message on frequencies known to be accessible by the Makara informing them that they were an expedition from Mina and offering assistance. Then they returned to Mina.

Darwin, Personal Log, 201204161402

It’s getting harder and harder to hold on to any hope of getting home.

The Lost have our first casualties. Two died when the last remnants of the (supposedly ended) civil war here decided to mount an attack on our homebase. I didn’t know the dead very well at all; I might have once passed a bowl of food down a table to one of them. It still hurts to have them die, especially so pointlessly. If that Vscikan had beaten me, I’d have been first, but it wouldn’t have been as empty a death. At least with him I had a chance to fight back. We found the attackers and destroyed their launcher, and hunted down the stragglers. They won’t hurt anybody else.

We took the GTM to Makara to make personal contact since technical comms weren’t working. It was at the “request” of the ruling body here, but Orden wanted to go to. I think she hoped there’d be somebody who knew how to make the GTM work, and maybe how to fix it if it broke, somebody who understood it. When we got there, it was evident the Makarans had been attacked by a spacefaring enemy. We found no living Makarans, and lots of droid cases. We can’t leave the gate open for any evacuees; it would open the gate for the attackers as well. Nobody here can afford that.

So we’re here, for the indefinite future. I can’t imagine the evac situation changing any time soon. I don’t want to contemplate staying here long term. I can’t think about it without breaking down. Work helps some, but the darkness doesn’t stay away. I keep thinking I should remember to tell him about some interesting thing, and then remember I can’t, and maybe, like it or not, won’t ever be able to again. The only place I can really escape is in my sleep. I’m so tired at the end of the day that I’m completely out until morning. Sleep is my friend right now.

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120412.1534

The hospital got shelled. I’ve been in combat. The McNolte was in plenty of space battles. You’re mostly insulated from the events inside a starship. Even when you are hit, unless you happen to be at the site of a hull breach, it’s startling but not nearly as terrifying as things actually exploding and debris flying around. At least when the walls open up their is still air.

We lost two. Elsworth was a sweetheart. Mining was his thing, and he was really good at it. He was one of the few people who asked to allowed to keep working when Peabody said the civilians didn’t want to be assigned to work parties. He is survived by a wife, three children and seven grandchildren. Jennings was a hard worker, and she did more than her part. She didn’t have any family, not even a boyfriend. The thing that bothers me most is that because of what happened on P3-4797, no one might ever know they’ve died. Or that we’re still here.

Admiral Clark sent people to try to come here to assume command. She hand picked me for this assignment. I can’t help but feel that maybe I should have been sending her more reports, or something. But what if I had? What if I’d told her what I’ve been thinking about Ferris? I know that I couldn’t have had any influence over her decision to try to send people here. But I have to wonder if it wasn’t a good idea. Is Ferris even remotely capable of being in charge of the expedition? I know I’m not qualified. I don’t have the experience. Maybe I’m not being steady enough. I’m the XO. It’s my job to be the COs conscious, the voice of reason. Would Ferris listen to a voice of reason? I definitely need to ask him “Why” a lot more than I have been. I need to understand why he makes the calls he does. I can’t challenge a decision if I don’t know why, and I can’t know why if I don’t ask. He’s got to respect that right, that he’s supposed to be my mentor?

My mentor is a Marine officer with an apparent death wish and a bad temper with questionable sanity and blurry morals.

I could use a drink.

Expedition Log - 20120411.1354

The expedition to Losan returned with two fully operational freight trains and a large cache of medical supplies. Preparations are almost complete to relocate the expedition to the seaside resort that was previously scouted.

Elements from the siege force that had been under the command of General Zerkin used one of the Mina Rail Guns to shell the hospital. There were numerous injured in the attack and two fatalities. Whitney Elsworth, the colonial mining engineer and PO3 Kathryn Jennings of the Star Fleet Survey team.

The Jump Team was able to locate and destroy the gun, and at the suggestion of Dr. Orden we are coordinating with the Mina Central Authority to locate the remaining four to neutralize them.

CMDR Ferris has been having Dr. Orden and Ms. Parker continue to attempt First Contact with the Makara through the GTM. He instructed them to continue to try and make contact for 72 hours. They received no reply.

The Jump Team went to Dinosaur island to assist with the movement of equipment to Unity Station and to offer Dr. Orden direct access to fresh imaging data from the station in an attempt to locate the four remaining Mina Rail Guns. She was able to locate the guns, and their locations were radioed back to Ocean Grove. CMDR Ferris instructed Field Leader Palmer to dispatch teams to dismantle each gun. CAG personnel have set out to dismantle the weapons and continue refugee operations.

CMDR Ferris was asked by First Citizen Renn of the Mina Central Authority to travel to Makara to determine what, if anything, has happened to the Makara people. The Central Authority is concerned that what happened to the Mina might have happened to the Makara. He hopes that we would make all efforts to render assistance on behalf of the Mina.

The mission is slated for after the Jump Team return from Dinosaur island. CDMR Ferris will be going with the Jump Team to Makara. Lt. Tezeno will be acting Expedition Commander in his absence.

Darwin, Personal Log, 201204042359

I feel like I have been punched in the gut, one of those punches that leaves you wheezing on the ground struggling to breathe and it Hurts. So. Much. you want to die. But you don’t, and the pain keeps coming.

Some bastards broke the grand transmat, my path to hope, to home. All that’s left is a bad, unstable connection, and I am on the wrong end of it.

I hope they’ll fix it, but I don’t believe they will be able to, not soon enough.

Bindi out.


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