Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Darwin, Personal Log, 201204041316
gamera is friend to little children

snippets of verbal narrative to video of “giant turtles”. Some, just hatched, are moving from a beach into the sea. Other images show giant turtle partially out of the water.

This world has another sentient species living on it. The species may be native. They resemble turtles in appearance and preferred habitat, although they are magnitudes larger than an earth sea turtle. We came across them while travelling south. Biron’s ward, Em, noticed activity on a beach, and scans showed that thousands of infant/juvenile creatures were moving off the beach and into the sea. The train was stopped to allow us to watch. As we watched, an adult surfaced and began making noises that sounded as if it were trying to communicate. After some time and effort, we were able to confirm that the sounds were indeed intelligent communications, directed at us. Others took over the communications effort once that was established. The creatures had noticed us because we are different. They live a very long time, and nothing like us was in any of their memories. The Mina and the Vsciki were unaware that these were intelligent creatures.

The Gameras were marvelous.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120404.1537

We were able to neutralize the threat of the military in Losan with only one casualty. The city Manager, Luskin. He was part of the group that had met with the visiting Makara, and so one of the first exposed to the virus. His immunity, and his Vscika genetics didn’t spare him from the insanity we’ve discovered effects many of the male Vscika who are immune to the virus. He was ranting and raving about his righteous cause when I went in to talk to him. I explained that he was sick, and that my doctor could cure him. I offered him the choice of the cure, or a revolver. Then I left the room. His answer was forthcoming. Stebbins went in with Orden, who insisted on getting the revolver I borrowed from her back.

We’re committed now. Picking up refugees. Making supply runs. Helping them manufacture the serum. We are married to these people now. It’s only worse now that I’ve been informed there was an incident on P3-4797 and the GTM was damaged. Orden took it upon herself to use the GTM to call the Makara. Luckily she asked Parker for help, and any time Orden utters one of her ideas people are spreading the word. Tezeno was there to supervise. She’s the XO, she is authorized to initiate First Contact. She didn’t tell me until afterward, which means she’s finally getting her feet under her. She’s almost ready to take over if she needs to.

Short version, no one answered the phone on Makara. That’s not good. Better than the answer being an armed force arriving and opening fire, but still not a good sign.

The inciden ono P3-4797 is a little troubling. The CO of the Riemann called me. they had to push the GTM to get a voice signal through and the quality was bad, but he was able to tell me that Admiral Clark had sent six people to conduct an on-site survey of the situation on P3-4797. They tried to hijack the GTM, there was some shooting. The Riemann managed to get them beamed up and into containment, but not before an engineer and security officer were seriously wounded and the GTM took a stray blast.

Clark intended for them to come here and assume command. A Marine officer to lead the platoon and replace all the marine NCOs. Then one red shirted wonder to assume overall command. I think someone complained that I’m not a good leader. And I have a pretty good idea who it might have been.

Kicking a colonists ass would probably not get me any brownie points. Maybe I can bank on everyone thinking it’s just another wacky thing I did because I’m mentally unstable.

How stable am I anyway? And can that instability be directly related to my low blood alcohol content? As soon as I get time Sim and I need to sit down and have a few drinks to discuss it.

Expedition Log - 20120403.0929

The Jump Team and a squad of marines under the command of CMDR Ferris were able to defuse the military situation in Losan. The last remnants of the Losan Combined Arms Group were prevented from inflicting casualties on the civilian refugees or the expedition members.

Luskin, the City Manager for Losan, refused treatment for his mental imbalance and took his own life.

The expedition used the Trans-Mat to ferry the majority of the refugees back to Ocean Grove, and then left Losan by train. The supply train picked up several additional survivors on it’s way to Ocean Grove and the Jump Team was able to secure a second train.

After the Jump Team returned we received word from the USS Riemann that an incident of some nature had taken place on P3-4797. A group of Star Fleet personnel, reportedly there on an inspection tour, attempted to hijack the Grand Trans-Mat and use it to travel to Mina. A security officer and an engineer from the Riemann were seriously wounded and the Grand Trans-Mat was damaged. The Riemann was able to make a voice only connection to relay the information. They are beginning to replicate replacement parts and hope to have the GTM repaired quickly.

Dr. Orden with the assistance of Ms. Parker attempted to use the GTM to make contact with the Makara. They were unsuccessful, and Lt. Tezeno ordered them to not attempt to contact any other stations on the network until she was able to consult with CMDR Ferris.

Lt. Tezeno and Administrator Peabody informed the remained of the expedition about the problem with the GTM on P3-4797. Dr. Stone spoke with CMDR Ferris about the situation, and expressed concern with the nature of CMDR Ferris’ command. CMDR Ferris encouraged Dr. Stone to file a report with Star Fleet Command once regular communications were reestablished.

Darwin, Personal Log 20120329.1547

Sitting in Losan’s railway yards. It looks like a fight might be coming our way, and like Ferris intends to put himself into the middle of it. It occurs to me that Orden will probably give virgin birth to a fenrir when she sees Ferris in peril, and poor Cobb will probably get himself killed trying to keep her from getting herself killed while she tries to keep Ferris from getting himself killed. Maybe I should just knock her out now and save a couple lives?


I didn’t want to think about all that too hard in case I convinced myself its a good idea (I am under a lot of stress), so I snuck a quick nap instead while I could. Dog was on watch, No worries. I woke up with a Eureka moment idea that I’m sure one of the engineering types will rip to shreds if I mention it out loud.

1) The grand transmat sent us from there to here.
2) Starfleet sent a probe from there to here.
3) Starfleet can talk to us through the probe.
4) We can talk back through the probe, so energy can travel both ways even if solids can’t.
5) If we had a transporter on this end, could we transmit ourselves back as energy through the transmat tunnel, using the comm link as an anchor/guide, without putting a load on the transmat that’ll blow apart the planet on our way there?

My luck, we’d materialize and promptly get sent back here as soon as we arrived there, or get caught in the debris field as the planet collapsed on itself due to the energy strain. Probably couldn’t adequately power the transporter on this end anyhow. I won’t humiliate myself in front of the mightyminds by giving the idea any air.

Sorry, baby. I can see you in my dreams, but apparently I can’t figure out how to get back to you for real through them. I miss you.

Expedition Log - 20120326.1213

communications has been established with the Jump Team in Losan. They are preparing a train to transport refugees and supplies back to Ocean Grove. CMDR Ferris has taken a Marine Squad to Losan via Trans-Mat to help with security. Reports indicate that the city manager has established some sort of military government in the city which is severe by all reports. Hostilities are suspected since the city manager is Vscika and if current data is accurate he is suffering from the mental breakdown that has been reported to be effecting a large number of the male Vscika survivors.

Expedition Log - 20120320.1342

CMDR Ferris has ordered multiple work groups to handle tasks outside of the hospital. Expedition personnel are being spread thin and two groups are outside of the city. The Jump Team was sent to Losan by ground transport to secure additional medical supplies. They have encountered numerous survivors there and are preparing a freight train to move supplies back to Ocean Grove and pick up additional refugees along the way. There are threat forces in Losan, and CDMR Ferris took a squad of Marines there by Trans-Mat once Dr. Orden repaired the system in Losan.

Another group has been sent by ship to what has been called Dinosaur Island. Their mission is to trans-mat equipment and raw materials to Unity Station so that they can begin manufacturing the synthetic version of the anti-virus in large quantities.

Refugee centers have been set up at all major road junctions leading into Ocean Grove. One of the local schools has been converted to temporary housing and PO Buckman runs hot meals from the facility. Groups of Mina who have been cleared to work are beginning to dispose of the bodies of the dead. This step is necessary to have space for everyone. Early estimates suggest that Ocean Grove will be home to several thousand Mina over the course of the next year. The Central Authority is beginning to make preparations to move from their safe haven to Ocean Grove. Once quantities of the anti-virus are available to inoculate the population there.

Star Fleet command reports that they are continuing to work on the encryption which prevents the Grand Trans-Mat on P3-4797 from receiving transports. They have no time estimates currently regarding the completion of the project.

Admiral Douglas contacted CMDR Ferris for a private voice conversation. The USS Riemann indicated in their last transmission that an inspection group was inbound to them from Starbase 919 to conduct a tour for a briefing of Admiral Clark.

Incident Report (internal) 03162059c_bnd

Submitted to CMDR Jame Ferris, expedition commander

Date: 201203162059
Location: recharging station on the road to Lasan
Party #1: Anonymous Vscika male, adult, age unk.
Party #2: Mina female, minor; Mina male, adult, parent to minor
Party #3: B.N. Darwin, Crewman R. Leckie
Witnesses: (see attached)

DESCRIPTION: Upon arrival, jump team discovered an unconscious, injured Adult male Mina (party #2) After receiving medical attention, the man reported that his daughter was missing, apparently abducted by an adult male Vscika. Darwin and Leckie located evidence of flight from the location and set off in rapid pursuit. After a chase through heavy vegetation, Darwin and Leckie saw that the minor girl had been placed on a rocky area near the edge of a high cliff. Darwin pushed Leckie down and to the side as the Vscikan swung at them with a large machete. Leckie fell, striking his head, rendering him stunned and disoriented. Darwin engaged the Vscikan, attempting to draw his aggression entirely to herself. The Vscikan attacked again, knocking Darwin’s phaser out of her hand and out of reach. Darwin drew out her hunting knife. The Vscikan attacked again, and in the chaos both he and Darwin went over the cliff and fell to the river below. The Vscikan male continued to attack with the machete until he lost his grip on it and it was swept away by rapids. At that point, Bishop entered the water, followed shortly by Orden and Parker. The Vscikan left the water. Darwin pursued him to a large, grassy field, and after a brief struggle, the Vscikan was dead. Bishop, Orden, and Parker arrived moments later.

Supporting Information: Subsequent tissue analysis indicated the Vscikan male was suffering from a protein deficiency causing brain injury, a condition brought on by exposure to the virus which has decimated the sentient population of the planet. A follow up investigation of the area around the charging station indicated that in addition to the two Mina that had been attacked minutes prior to the jump team arrival, the Vscikan had killed at least six individuals within the past 60 days. Evidence inside the charging station suggested a rapid descent into madness post exposure to the virus.

Darwin’s Statement: “He was not sane, and he wanted to kill something, anything. The universal translator successfully got that message across from him to me. Without my phaser, I had no weapon except my knife, and attempts to stun him were unsuccessful. After he lost his weapon and fled, I felt compelled to pursue him because he was a clear danger to any living being he might encounter; even without his machete, he was very strong and very quick. Waiting for backup was not an option. The fatal battle in the field was unfortunate but unavoidable. The expression in his eyes as he fought and then as he died are going to haunt me for a long time.”

Admiral Felicity Clark - Personal Log - 20120314.1549

The news I am receiving from the Lost Souls Expedition is disturbing. Complaints about poor leadership, no command structure, escalating involvement with the local population. Ignoring the Prime Directive violations due to the extreme situation can be excused. The disregard for the lives of the expedition personnel, especially the civilians can not be over looked.

I had hoped that Lt. Tezeno would be able to provide a solid command presence, but her lack of experience in a situation like this has her relying too heavily on CMDR Ferris.

To rectify this issue I will need to send a complete compliment of experienced officers and enlisted personnel to take complete command of the situation. I know I can count on Lt. Johnson to accomplish any mission I give to him. He will certainly be able to select the enlisted men to fill the leadership roles in the Marine platoon. CMDR Olen is a reliable command officer. He has experience in joint operations and has dealt extensively with civilians.

So that makes six. I can clear six personnel to go to P3-4797. I will have to rely on Lt. Johnson to take care of the rest of the journey.

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120314.1012

CMDR Ferris is sending people to the four winds. some of his personnel assignments don’t really make sense either. He sent a pretty large group to dinosaur island to trans-mat equipment and supplies to Unity Station so they can begin manufacturing the vaccine in large quantities. The synthetic version requires micro-gravity, and that’s the only choice we have if we want enough of it fast enough. He sent Dr. Rioux on that trip, but he didn’t sent Bindi? He sent the Jump Team South to Losan to load up on medical supplies. I assume he sent Bindi with them because she’s been going with them, but why not send the Jump Team to Dinosaur Island then? That would have included a doctor and the wild animal specialist. We could have sent another expedition to Losan.

Then he had me form work groups to start clearing the houses around the Cathedral. There are bodies there, and he wants us to coordinate that with the Mina who have begun to arrive.

He’s got Buckman set up over at a school not far from the Cathedral serving hot meals. The Mina are happy to have the closeness, so many of them have been days alone.

Most of the Marines that aren’t on security detail are moved to the resort we’re going to be occupying. They’re setting up some additional security and getting it ready for us to move in. The hospital is empty during the day. Which is sort of creepy.

And the weirdest one is Lt. Bell and Petty Officer Sandoval. He had LT. Bell get her optical rig and pack for a three day hike, sending her out with PO Sandoval. No real destination, he just told Sandoval to find high ground and keep an eye out.

Does he suspect something is wrong? If he does, why hasn’t he clued me in? Or am I seeing some sort of paranoid break? I’m tempted to ask Star Fleet Command to send us a psychiatrist. But what would that request say about me? Am I the paranoid one? I’ve had COs make lots of decisions without involving me. But I’m the XO, shouldn’t I be in the loop?

He’s got us spread out all over, and I’m not sure why. I’m afraid that if I ask him the answer will be something like ’Why do you think that is Lieutenant?" and I will slug him in the mouth.

Darwin - personal log, encrypted - 201203111229

So it seems my job here is to chauffeur and escort the tour group wherever they want to go. Never mind that it doesn’t take long to teach somebody how to drive on mile after mile after mile of empty roads. Never mind that there are others who are fully capable and far more suited to the task of emptying storerooms and couriering back supplies and incidental refugees. Never mind that there is an island full of dinosaurs waiting to be studied, and the mission there would have a better chance of success if I was part of it. Nope. Never mind there are animals to be moved before winter sets in if they want the locals to not starve for the next few months. Oh No. By direct order from on high, I am directed to play assistant tour operator, and to teach the pigeons how to drive the bus. I don’t even get to choose what path to take, or my destination. Isn’t this what AI’s are for? Isn’t this exactly why I left Starfleet? And don’t get me started on the totally uncontrolled cultural contamination issues happening here… And the housing thing. Gah! I don’t need a room. I don’t want to pick out house mates. I just want to go home. This is not my world, I am not a colonist, and I have no desire to “meet the neighbors, hang up curtains, and get cozy” here.

It is difficult to be patient and upbeat and cooperative when you are doing something you don’t enjoy, in a place you don’t want to be, surrounded by the wrong people — or at least not accompanied by the right one — with little chance of changing the situation any time in the immediate future. Dinosaurs would have helped a lot.


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