Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Expedition Log - 20120130.1620

Groups have been sent foraging the area around our base camp. Lt. Tezeno and Administrator Peabody have formed work parties to ensure necessary tasks can be accomplished and effort divided as evenly as possible.

CMDR Ferris is recovering from his injury, the medical staff have given him a plaster cast for his leg and the CMDR managed to find some crutches so that he can move around on his own.

Lt. Tezeno formed an impromptu Jump Team from a mix of colonists and Star Fleet personnel. Her intent is to use them for wide ranging assignments. The team spent the day examining the Grand Trans-Mat and the area surrounding the Cathedral. They made contact with two Mina who indicated they were part of a small band of six survivors. The team attempted to meet with the others but were informed that would have to be something put to a vote. One of the members agreed to meet the team tomorrow, regardless of the decision of the others.

Drax, the astronaut that we made contact with on the Mina orbital station Unity called t check on his friend Norand, the survivor we discovered at the Grand Trans-Mat upon our arrival. Ms. Parker inquired as to the well being of the other personnel aboard the station and learned that they were not getting resupplied from the ground station which had been supporting them. They had lost contact with the ground station.

A crowd had gathered to hear the conversation, and when Drax calmly related that they had perhaps eight to ten days of air it seemed to galvanize the assembled. We wanted to help, but it’s a potentially dangerous and tricky undertaking. Ms. Parker assured Drax that we would indeed help, and both Lt. Tezeno and CMDR Ferris were informed of the situation.

Dr. Orden insists that the expedition needs to obtain the information the Mina have regarding the Grand Trans-Mat, which is at the University located inland. Dr. Rioux and Dr. Sim learned that if there was any serious research into a cure for the virus conducted by the Mina that it would be located there as well.

CMDR Ferris authorized the Jump Team to go to the equatorial island where the ground station supporting Unity station is located and attempt to decontaminate supplies and sent them to Unity station. Then the team is to proceed to Northpoint, the nearest operational Trans-Mat station to the university, then obtain transportation and move to the university.

There seems to be a strange undercurrent among the expedition personnel regarding the level of involvement we should have with the local population. There is no firm understanding of the Prime Directive and how it applies to this situation, or so it seems. Some minor disputes are occurring on the subject, but they seem to be conversational debates at this point.

Food stuffs are plentiful, but it’s still a working process to determine what we need to eat and in what quantities to maintain good health. Local foods are still being supplemented with ration bars to ensure proper vitamin intake.

Water tests have proven that the local water is free of contaminants that are harmful to us, but that water seems to be delivered from some sort of treatment facility, so tests on untreated water have yet to be conducted.

No one seems to be effected at this point by the virus. Medical personnel are keeping close tabs on all members of the expedition.

Dr. Sim Kalev - Personal Log 20120125

I have learned to appreciate human capacity for a clever turn of phrase.
“Here’s your chance to get away from it all.”
Those were Lt. Commander Mayo’s exact words to me when my current assignment came up. Spend some time planetside, with your feet on firm ground, help some colonists, enjoy the open air.
I’m not sure that this is what Susan had in mind.

It’s been years now since I lost Kanala but Susan insists I’m still depressed by her death, that I’ve never properly grieved, that working twenty hours a day, seven days a week is no substitute for coming to terms with the death of my wife.

Perhaps she is right. Maybe spending some time on the ground, experiencing actual days and nights, that sort of thing, will help.

Being stranded on an unknown planet in and unknown part of the galaxy surrounded by a population that’s been practically wiped out by a plague that may or may not mutate to a form that will kill us though? I must admit, it does take one’s mind off of one’s personal troubles.

The commander and the executive officer have asked us not to talk of our dire situation and possible permanent separation from Federation space. As a Bajoran I have a certain fatalistic streak in me that allows me to deal with these things as they come. However, I can see how it might adversely affect morale so I will endeavour to do as they ask.
It certainly can’t hurt at this point.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120123.1939

I broke my right leg again. In three places. They tell me that when a bone breaks it’s stronger at the point of the break. I must be running out of places to break it by now! We caught a break and Darwin carries an inflatable splint in her bag of shit to have when something tries to eat you. I’m not sure that’s what she called it or what I thought she said as I was screaming internally while Sim set it and she pumped up the splint.

I led us into a dead end. So common for me now I should have seen it coming. And then, just like so many other times, it went darkest right before it goes completely black. The dead end turns out to be some sort of transporter. Yippie, we’re saved. The fact that we were surrounded by about six hundred dead people in a church was little comfort to the sixty plus civilians and Star Fleet personnel. Add to that one of the Marines yelled the Z word and then started shooting and you have a recipe for mayhem, or one of those totally campy horror movies Emily loves. Needless to say it was mayhem. Lt. Ring wasn’t helping much, he decided that would be a good time to have brain fry. Luckily my Marine voice still works even with a broken leg and they managed not to hurt anyone that wasn’t already dead.

We found a survivor. Although he looked to be on death’s door. The medicals wanted to figure out what we were up against, and that meant a hospital. The logic was simple, I wanted there to be a place for us to die if it came to that and a hospital seemed like a good a place as any. Then she had to open her mouth.

I would like to say for the record that the spunky Dr. Orden is going to end up being turned over my knee before this expedition is over. She has that way about her that Vulcans have that makes you want to push their head into a closing turbo lift door over and over again.

So Dr. Orden, and I use the term to remind myself that her intellect deserves my respect and the respect of everyone around us, decided on not one but two occasions to say, in the large word way of people with more IQ than sense that we were probably doomed. She didn’t want to go to the hospital, it would have been a host to something-or-another. I couldn’t tell her that I was fully anticipating us to all get sick and die within hours, especially in front of everyone. I needed them calm. Hope can have a calming effect. Apparently so can dry intelligence. she seemed almost iceberg like in her calm.

I bugged us out to a hospital, thanks to our contact with a voice over the phone. I didn’t get his name, I was fading in and out of my own personal pain zen. But with a stolen bus and a car we managed to get to the hospital.

There is a gap in my recollection of events. There was, I’m sure, a lot of milling about by the civilians. And some people left to explore. And the colony doctor tried to give me some pain killers. I regret my steadfast refusal, but that’s the narrow edge of the wedge and as much as I long for that oblivion I can’t. People need me, as much as I hate that and they will dislike it. I think someone took my pants off. I think I grabbed her ass, but she was a nurse and I explained that it was a Marine custom. Or perhaps it was one of the doctors. I woke up with a cast. An honest to goodness plaster cast. And then I smelled coffee. And the world would spin another day.

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120123.1409

We’ve been transported to another world. At least we didn’t drown. CMDR Ferris has a broken leg, but that seems to be the most serious of our injuries. The world we’ve arrived on has been hit by some sort of viral plague. The medical personnel tell us that we are immune for now, but we’re carriers so any of the locals we encounter need to be kept at arms length until we know if they’re immune. Something like one percent of the population will be immune according to Dr. Rieux. He says he’s had some experience in this sort of thing, which worries me.

We moved from the structure where the teleport device was located to a hospital. Dr. Orden had some concerns, which I could get behind, but Ferris was quick to derail her. There are times I almost expect him to draw his pulse pistol and begin executing people who disagree with him. It’s just a feeling. The hospital was mostly devoid of plague patients, apparently they were being cared for at an old railway station. We haven’t gone over there yet, I’m thinking of sending the Jump Team in the next day or so. Presently the focus will be on the device, and seeing if we can return to P3-4797 with it.

If the time table is right, after our second failed check in the Hercules will have sent someone to look for us. Nash thought that weather system was going to take about eight to twelve hours to pass, which should put a ship in orbit about the time it’s over. Then they have to find where we went. Briggs uploaded to coordinates with the last log entry when we broke camp. But it’s going to be under water.

I want to think that my brothers in uniform will be moving heaven and earth to find us. Sending a dive team down, scouting the caves. I can see that wall of water rushing up the tunnel, and that Federation Cargo canister sitting there. At least they’ll know that we were in that chamber. And the power signature will be some sort of clue, right?

Hutch turned off the distress signal that the teleportation device was emitting. I was about to tell him to turn it on when Ferris pointed out that he doesn’t want anyone else straying into that thing and getting stranded here. Fatalist? He assumed we’re stranded. Is he happy about it? I don’t want to think about it.

We’re trying to sort out what we can eat of the local food stuffs. In the meantime it’s ration bars. Buckman got some cook books from Darwin, she grabbed them when the Away Team was at the library. In the short term we’re scavenging. Dr. Sim showed the Marine medic, which is nicknamed ‘Snafu’, how to determine what we can and can’t eat. There is a standard Star Fleet way, but Sim’s way is faster. something he picked up from his time in the Bajoran resistance probably, or some other unpleasant episode from his past.

Lt. Ring had some sort of breakdown. the church was filled with bodies, and he seemed to tip over the edge. He’s a little better, but I know he can’t lead the Marines like he is. I asked dad what to do. It seemed that he’d probably seen this sort of thing before. His advice, give him something to do. So I put him on the inventory. The task seems to be one he’s comfortable with, and he’s working.

CMDR Ferris let me handle pretty much everything on P3-4797, but here, now. I’m going to need him to be a leader. He’s hobbling around in a cast after sleeping for fourteen hours and he’s more surly than he was before we got here. He’s gonna take some effort.

Expedition Log - 20120122.0953

After receiving a warning from Mr. Nash that a violent weather system was approaching the Base Camp we sought shelter in the caves previously discovered by Lt. JG McAllister. Once the storm system arrived Mr. Nash, while monitoring it’s progress via the orbital array was alerted to the collapse of a natural barrier to a large lake. The lake began to spill out and down into the valley. Dr. Volker alerted Dr. Orden to this and began to tell her the dimensions and depth of the lake as indicated by satellite imaging. She was able to calculate in her head that the volume of water would be sufficient to endanger the cave entrance. CMDR Ferris ordered everyone to move further into the caves and put AI Bisop on point with orders to find a path that lead upwards. The cave entrance was on the low end of a ridge, and it was hoped that if we went high enough in the cave network we might be safe.

We traveled well into the network when we began to detect an artificial energy pattern. Earth tremors began to occur, dislodging rock and causing some injuries. CMDR Ferris was partially buried by one of these collapses breaking his leg in three places. Chief Stubbins and Dr. Sim were able to pull him from the debris and keep the group moving.

Another signal began to be detected, the Universal Translator determined it was probably some sort of distress signal based on the repeating pattern. We arrived at a circular chamber, roughly thirty meters across, obviously artificial and from the looks of it buried in the ridge, not constructed here.

We move all of the equipment and supplies into the chamber. We could see the approaching rush of water, and several members of the expeditions who were examining the energy signature began to announce a change in the pattern when something happened. We were transported.

The transport cycle ended with us in a similar chamber, but obviously inside some sort of large building. There was a powerful stench in the air, and it was soon discovered that there were decaying bodies all around.

The Marines established a security perimeter and began a recon to try and find a safe place to move the expedition. Dr. Sim detected a single additional life sing and went to investigate. He discovered a male apparently suffering from some sort of illness, later determined to be a viral infection.

The expedition also made contact with other members of the locals via a mobile communications device. They were determined to be in an orbital space station, and they were able to provide us directions to a hospital at the request of Dr. Sim.

A small group was sent out to find a vehicle large enough to transport the expedition, and with the vehicle the sick man used to get here and the bus we made our way to the hospital. Dr. Orden expressed some concerns at the idea of going to a hospital, since if there was a health risk it would certainly be more dangerous at a hospital. CMDR Ferris took her objection under advisement.

The hospital seemed mostly void of patients, considering the apparent magnitude of the pandemic. It was later learned that the authorities had set up a clinic at a train station to handle the victims of the virus. A number of bodies were discovered outside at the rear loading dock however. News material gathered suggested that the virus had decimated the population.

Some expeditionary treks were conducted to gather information, and Lt. Tezeno coordinated with Administrator Peabody to get rooms assigned to the expedition members so they could get some rest and be afforded some privacy.

Work parties will be organized in the morning to scavenge for supplies and gain a more complete understanding of the area.

Duty Officer Log - USS Hercules - 20120120.1213

At 0930 Shipboard Time, Colonial Survey Team 3 failed to make a routine communications check.

At 1330 Shipboard Time, Colonial Survey Team 3 failed to make a routine communications check. We retrieved the last log entries and learned the expedition had sought shelter from an abnormally powerful weather event. They advised us the event was of a dangerous magnitude and the Executive Officer was requesting emergency assistance.

At 1345 Shipboard Time, The runabout San Joaquin was dispatched to P3-4797 to provide assistance. The rescue team arrived at P3-4797 at 1729 Shipboard Time. Sensor scans revealed the weather event had moved through the area, however the planetary coordinates given as the cave entrance where Colonial Survey Team 3 had taken shelter were under 30 meters of water. Review of the Orbital Array’s logs indicated that the intense rain from the weather event and accompanying winds caused massive flash floods and weakened the natural barrier of a large lake. The barrier collapsed and the lake flooded the area where the Base Camp had been as well as the high ground they had sought as shelter.

At 1807 Shipboard Time, the USS Riemann was contacted and diverted to P3-4797 to conduct a rescue/recovery mission. USS Riemann arrived at 2330 Shipboard Time, taking the rescue team from USS Hercules aboard and began planning for it’s mission.

Updates as available.

Dr. Sim Kalev - Personal Log

I’m back in a cave.
It’s been a lot of years since I’ve been in a cave. Caves were standard operating procedure for us during the war, the perfect place to hole up when the Cardis were out looking for us. Well, maybe not so perfect, but it was what we did.
I was grateful for the shelter but the experience did put me off caves for the foreseeable future.
Mountains, woods, desert, whatever. Anything but caves.
I wasn’t happy when I learned that’s where we were headed but now that we’re in here it’s not that bad. It’s bringing back memories, most of which should be terrible, but somehow aren’t. The horrors of war are still there but the essences of the individuals I came into contact with are foremost in my memory.

Commander Ferris is doing his level best to remind me of the aftermath of battle, however. His leg is badly broken and though I’ve set it as best as I can under current conditions I’ll need access to better equipment to ensure his full recovery.
The commander is among the most truculent of patients I’ve ever had to deal with, one of those men who are apt to shrug off grievous wounds in an effort to get back into the fight. One can’t help but admire his courage but the quaint human term I’d have to use here is, “death wish”.
I’m afraid Ripley is right -I’m going to have to do my best to play the psychiatrist if I’m going to be any help to the man.

Survey Log - 20120114.1136

Meteorologist Nash alerted the Base Camp to a severe storm moving directly towards us. CMDR Ferris recalled all expedition groups and Lt. Tezeno coordinated an evacuation.

We have moved to the caves Lt. JG McAllister located to take shelter from the storm. Mr. Nash reports the storm is over 200 kilometers across and will have sustained hurricane force winds.

Survey Log - 20120113.1155

Administrator Peabody filed a request with Star Fleet Command to move the survey team to the Beta site for the remainder of the expedition. He feels that with Lt. JG Mcallister’s report flagging the Alpha site as a possible flood plain and Mr. Ellsworth’s report concerning heavy metals that the Alpha site will give P3-4797 a red flag during the selection process. By moving the survey team to the Beta site he hopes to improve the chances of P3-4797 being selected as the new site for the Sheridan Colony. Lt. Tezeno tried to explain that those problems would not disqualify the planet from consideration, but he insisted and she saw no reason to refuse his request.

Medical issues remain minor. Continued expeditions are resulting in more field injuries, but the medical staff are reporting no serious issues. There have recently been discovered a wide variety of biting and stinging insects with the increase in wet weather.

Survey Log - 20120112.1405

Mr. Ellsworth, the colonial mining engineer, filed a mineralogical report today indicating high concentrations of heavy metals including iron, cobalt, molybdenum, and zinc throughout the ridge line where the caves discovered by Lt. JG McAllister and the surveyors are located. This report might influence the placement of the colony settlement at the Alpha site should P3-4797 be chosen as the colony site.

Mr. Stutler, one of the non-technical colonists, has asked for permission to accompany several expeditions out of base camp for a documentary film he’s making for his communications final. Lt. Tezeno has given her approval and included that in the daily report to CMDR Ferris. She indicated that if he wanted to revoke the permission that would be within his rights.

Still no serious injuries. The infirmary are continuing to treat a number of minor non-life threatening injuries suffered during the course of expeditions.


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