Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120112.1224

I’m never sure if CMDR Ferris is letting me take care of everything because he’s confident I can, or he’s just too lazy and unmotivated to take an interest. The fact that dad is here isn’t helping at all. I know he’ll understand me not being too chummy. But it’s still awkward.

The admin staff here are very good. Administrator Peabody of the Sheridan Colony team is incredibly organized, if a little anal about how he wants some things done. Crewman Briggs, my Operations Clerk, knows his stuff. He’ll make Petty Officer in no time. He manages to file the survey logs and make them sound perfectly normal, which is far from the truth. CMDR Ferris is, well I’m not sure. He’s a Commander, and Marine Officers don’t make that grade without being damn good. But he sure as hell doesn’t seem like he’s all that squared away or on top of things. I give him the daily report, which he tosses onto the pile of PADDs outside his tent. Briggs picks them up every morning and the pile starts all over again. It’s like he’s not here to do anything. Granted, this is a pretty easy assignment, so I suppose his not doing anything isn’t an issue.

Admiral Clark asked me to take this assignment before going to the Sarajevo to provide a proper Star Fleet presence. I didn’t realize what she meant until I met CMDR Ferris. I was excited to be a freshly minted Lieutenant and assigned as XO, even for such a short assignment. Then I realized that I’m probably going to be asked to report on CMDR Ferris’ behavior here. It’s only a couple more months, and it’s a nice assignment. Not the vacation I had been planning on, but it’s scenic and I get to relax some compared to the USS Hood. And I’m the XO. Only CMDR Ferris outranks me on the Star Fleet side. It’s sort of a nice feeling being the senior officer for a change. A little scary too.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120111.1108

Mornings here now drag on for hours. The new XO has decided that instead of one boring morning meeting she wants to have four slightly more boring meetings. Her goal was to improve the efficiency of how the meeting passed along the information. Survey team members gave brief reports, admin gave out assignments. She wanted to cut down on the time wasted by the colonists chatting about the finds they’d made. Which was the only thing that made the meeting not suck like the vacuum of space. Now it’s four meetings, more focused. It takes more time overall, but it’s more efficient. I think she just did it to force me to stay awake longer in the mornings. After four cups of Buckman’s coffee there’s not much chance I’ll get back to sleep, and so the day must continue. If I have to give up caffeine I refuse to be held responsible for the violence that might result.

Mr. Peabody rarely talks to me anymore. He has the XO to talk to now. And I’m sure he’s thrilled to have her as a buffer to my charming disposition. She pretends not to be annoyed when she has to interact with me. She’s a remarkably good officer, which is probably why they stuck her here between assignments. Just in case I break down or crash. The confidence in my abilities is sometimes staggering to witness. The funny thing is, I bet they didn’t brief her as to why she drew this cherry job. Normally she’d be on transitional leave for the two or three months until her next duty assignment. I bet she’s pissed. I know I would have been when I was a fresh Lieutenant.

So far no one has gotten themselves killed running all over. They’re happy to be able to go further out, and a few of the expedition teams have made over nights of it. Base Camp is quiet during the day, which makes sleeping easier. That is until the XO finds it necessary to wake me up to ask me to review a duty roster or something else well within her scope of responsibility. Those are the times I’m sure she’s just fucking with me. Bless her heart.

Survey Log - 20120110.1139

Lt. Tezeno, Lt. JG Ring, and Administrator Peabody have begun to work out an extended expedition roster. They want to make sure that the twenty-five kilometers surrounding the Alpha site and at least ten kilometers surrounding the Beta site have been mapped and explored before the end of the mission.

Fresh fruits and vegetables deemed safe by the medical and science staff have been added to the meals. Petty Officer Buckman has been experimenting with these local foods at the mid-day meals.

The medical staff continue to treat minor injuries sustained by team personnel as they explore the planet. No serious injuries have been sustained yet, but administrative staff have begun to give safety reminders during the morning meetings.

With the number of personnel, Lt. Tezeno has broken the morning meetings into four smaller meetings that take place one after another. This allows a smoother rotation through the dining hall and gets teams to work faster. CMDR Ferris is required to attend all four meetings.

Intermittent rain continues to fall. Dr. Nash thinks that we are entering the rainy season. Several minor storm fronts are visible on satellite imaging. He expects the rainfall to be higher than Sheridan Colony is used to, which might impact the viability of P3-4797 as a suitable site.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120109.2311

They finally sent my XO. Lt. Something, I’ll figure her name out the fifth or sixth time she tells me. Peabody will be happy, he’ll have someone to be administrative with. Although she already came to inform me that he maintains that I need to attend the morning meetings. At least Buckman, the cook, makes good coffee.

Resupply run means we’re here for 21 days before they come back. We’ve got an orbital array, so we’re in fairly regular contact with the Hercules. Four hour check ins. We’re getting some rain, and now that the colonists have security escorts and can range further afield we’re also seeing more injuries. Minor stuff, but it might get worse. Some of them are like kids in a candy store, running up to every shiny thing they see.

It rains here. That’s something. I could really use a drink.

Survey Log - 20120109.1541

The Runabout San Joaquin delivered supplies today and our new Executive Officer. LT. Jessie Tezeno, assigned to Team 3 pending her transfer to the fast missile carrier USS Sarajevo. She will be with us for the remainder of the survey. Administrator Peabody was at the beam down site to welcome her to the team.

The San Joaquin took the samples collected during the survey when it departed. They are scheduled to return in twenty-one days.

Two colonists were in the infirmary after being bitten by some sort of tree dwelling arachnid. They are expected to make a full recovery.

One colonist injured his ankle on an expedition trek. The injury was not serious.

Survey Log - 20120109.1426

CMDR Ferris continues to attend the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody. Lt. JG Ring has been handling security assignments, coordinating with Administrator Peabody to ensure all groups leaving Base Camp have a security detail assigned. Lt. JG McAllister and his team have been conducting the ground survey of the Beta site as an alternate colony settlement site.

Dr. Nash, the meteorologist, has indicated to Administrator Peabody and CMDR Ferris that a period of inclement weather is beginning. Scattered showers have begun to fall in the afternoon hours and Dr. Nash feels that the rain might increase over the next few days. For the duration of the weather system CMDR Ferris has ordered all expeditions to remain within ten kilometers of Base Camp.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120108.2230

I spoke with Dr. Orden. Yes, doctor. I’m not even sure she’s old enough to buy alcohol. Peabody had asked me to talk to the Marines, to ensure that none of them made any advances toward her. It was a short conversation. I’m told that she is brilliant, and I’m sure that’s the case. But she’s also clueless on some fronts. Let’s face it though, we all are.

I told the Marines that she was off limits. I told them to think of her as their kid sister. that generally does the trick in these sorts of situations.

Still months to go before we’re done here. Every new discovery is cause for shouts of joy and cheering. It’s starting to make me sick to my stomach.

Lt. JG McAllister and his survey team are busting ass to get the survey of the Beta site done. He’s worried that the Alpha site might be in danger of a flood, and if he’s on he Beta site Peabody can’t give them something to do.

Lt. JG Ring has finished the training schedule with the Marines. I observed on and off during the training exercises. If we didn’t need them to act as security, I’d make them repeat the entire evolution again. They need the practice.

I could use a cigarette.

Survey Log - 20120108.1552

CMDR Ferris continues to be present at the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody. Now that the Marines have finished their training exercises the colonists have security escorts which allow them to explore a larger area. They are continuing to take samples and conduct analysis or same.

Lt. JG McAllister completed the phase 1 survey of the Alpha site. His report warns that a river in the valley below the site could pose a danger of flooding from a lake which feeds it situated on higher ground. CMDR Ferris authorized him to take his survey team and a security detachment to conduct a Phase 1 survey of the Beta site provided by the USS Hercules as an alternate settlement site. Mr. Peabody suggested that the Beta site, as provided by the Hercules would not meet the colony’s needs. CMDR Ferris told Lt. JG McAllister to note Mr. Peabody’s protest in his report.

With the Marine training schedule completed Lt. JG Ring has been providing assistance to Administrator Peabody to develop schedules and security escort rosters for expanded exploration of the area.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120107.1232

Peabody woke me up from my afternoon nap to tell me that two of the colonists were missing. For just a second I felt like my old self. That rush of adrenaline and focus. Luckily it only lasted a second. Apparently the geologist Stone and the marine biologist Armstrong were missing and couldn’t be reached on comms. The second he said geologist I knew where they were. Didn’t take a rocket surgeon. I’d seen Stone making smiley eyes at Armstrong a few times. He took her up to the caves, which were still off-limits.

I had McAllister lead the Scout AI and two marines up there. The Scout and one of the Marines went in to get them. to make the trip worth it I gave them authorization to shoot the colonists if they resisted. Needless to say, there is going to be a formal complaint filed.

Stone seemed to be under the mistaken impression that I didn’t have the authority to stomp his pee-pee into the dirt. The mere threat of confining him to the Base Camp resulted in a rant about his rights, my authority, blah, blah, blah. I even asked if he was sure that’s how he wanted to go about this. I was hoping he’d stand his ground. I haven’t stomped on anyone in weeks, and Stone had that sort of pretty face and winning smile that makes people want to stomp on it.

Stone stood his ground and then Mr. Peabody, bless his bureaucratic soul, informed Stone I did indeed have the authority. So I dropped the hammer on him. Confined to Base Camp. then he got all apologetic. I’m sorry, I over reacted, I’ve been under some stress, etc. Not once did he say he was sorry for dragging Armstrong into a potentially dangerous situation without telling anyone where he’d gone. Not once did he admit that when the comm-links told them they were out of range that he should have turned back. So I was the better man. I accepted his apology. and then I told him he was still confined to Base Camp under the exact same conditions. That really pissed him off. I couldn’t resist. I had to site all the reasons his apology was a hollow attempt to try and get me to abort his confinement. I could tell though that Armstrong got the message. You could almost see the light bulb come on behind her eyes. Not that I can blame Stone for wanting to get her alone and impress her with his spelunking skills. But I’m not gonna pass up a chance to stomp on a pretty boy, a man has to have his priorities straight.

Afterwards Armstrong apologized to me. She admitted that she should have known better. She also told me that it wouldn’t happen again. It probably wont. Well, she wont do anything like that again probably.

After the excitement Peabody asked to talk to me alone. I assumed this was going to be the ‘you were too hard on him’ talk. It wasn’t, so Peabody moves up one rung on the ladder of my respect. He asked me to talk to the Marines. He’d noticed some of them giving the eye to one of the female colonists. I wasn’t going to do it without a good reason, since I’m not in the business of cock-blocking, especially Marines. He said, in that round about way he has of saying everything, that she’s led a sheltered life and might not be equipped to handle the advances of the young Marines. I told him I’d take care of it, which seemed to satisfy him. this just goes to show he doesn’t really understand me yet. I’m going to talk to the woman first. For all I know she’s itching to be the target of a romantic frontal assault, not that any of the Marines here are capable of the romantic part of that assault. But I’m not going to get into the business of cock-blocking unless it’s really warranted.

I need a drink.

Survey Log - 20120107.1024

CMDR Ferris continues to be present at the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody.

Dr. Stone, the colony geologist, and Dr. Armstrong, the colony marine biologist, were missing for several hours after taking an unauthorized trip to the cave network discovered by Lt. McAllister and his survey team. Mr. Peabody had been alerted at 1400 hours that neither had been seen since lunch. When he was unable to reach them via comm-link and there was no sign of them on satellite imaging he notified CMDR Ferris. CMDR Ferris contacted Lt. JG Ring and had him send the Scout AI and two Marines back to Base Camp.

Lt. JG Mcallister, the Scout AI Bishop and two Marines were ordered to the cave opening. Lt. JG McAllister and one Marine were to remain outside to try and provide continued radio communications while Bishop and the other Marine were sent into the caves to escort Dr Stone and Dr. Armstrong out. CMDR gave orders that if they protested or resisted they were to be stunned and carried back to Base Camp bodily. Administrator Peabody lodged a complaint, which CMDR Ferris acknowledged.

At 1730 hours the rescue team returned to the camp with Dr. Stone, unconscious, and Dr. Armstrong. CMDR Ferris had the medical officer revive Dr. Stone, who had been stunned by the rescue team. CMDR Ferris asked Dr. Stone if there was a good reason that he shouldn’t be confined to Base Camp. Dr. Stone protested, stating that CMDR Ferris had no authority over him as he was not a member of Star Fleet. CMDR Ferris asked Dr. Stone if that was the position he intended to take, and when Dr. Stone confirmed that was his assertion CMDR ordered that he was confined to the Base Camp for the remainder of the expedition unless assigned a specific task outside the camp by Administrator Peabody. When he did leave Base Camp he would have a security escort at all times. Dr. Stone again stated his position that CMDR Ferris had no authority to enforce such an order. It was at this time that CMDR Ferris asked Mr. Peabody to explain to Dr. Stone the truth of the matter. Mr. Peabody informed Dr. Stone that CMDR Ferris did indeed have the authority, as this mission was under the authority of Star Fleet command and that this authority had come from the Colonial Government and the Federation Council. At this time Dr. Stone apologized to CMDR Ferris for his actions, for violating the order to stay clear of the caves and for challenging CMDR Ferris’ authority. CMDR Ferris accepted Dr. Stone’s apology and confined him to the Base Camp for the remainder of the expedition unless he was assigned a specific task by Administrator Peabody, and any trips outside of the Base Camp would require he have a two man security escort. Dr. Stone began to protest, but Mr. Peabody intervened and CMDR Ferris returned to his duties.

Dr. Stone has filed a formal complaint with the Sheridan Colony governing council, Star Fleet Command, and The Federation Council.


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