Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

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The players should feel free to post here as though they were making personal log entries, or perhaps official reports. I will try and do the same to help give some insight into the NPCs that make up the rest of the expedition. You should feel free to begin before the game if you wish, to help you flesh out your character backgrounds.

Survey Log - 20120103.1030

Team 3 has been successfully deployed to the surface of P3-4797 to conduct a three month survey of the planet as a suitable home for the new Sheridan Colony. Lt. Ring and his Marine platoon are conducting training exercises as well as serving as the primary Star Fleet security force for the expedition. Base camp has been established and the survey team and colonists are beginning their work to determine the suitability of the world as a new home for the Sheridan Colony.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 201201031526

Three months. I just have to hold out for three months and I’ll be done. It could be shorter if the planet proves to be less than ideal, but from the noises the colonists that came along were making that doesn’t look very likely.

Lt. Ring and his platoon of Marines are going to be painful to watch. He has all of three people that seem to know which end of the pulse rifle you point away from yourself. A retired twice Senior Chief they pulled back to active duty, a solid Chief Petty Officer and a sniper. If Ring and these kids are the future infantry arm of Star Fleet I’m glad I’m getting out now.

Watching some of these colonists makes me wonder how they ever managed to settle a virgin world, then I realize that Sheridan Colony has been there longer than some of these people have been alive. Scientists, the whole colony seemed to be made up of them. Studying one thing or another. Now we have a field full of tents and a bunch of people that aren’t used to roughing it. Some exceptions, but mostly what they used to call tenderfoots.

I have to wonder if the Star Fleet personnel that were, as Admiral “Asshole” Gates put it ‘Hand picked’ for this mission weren’t hand picked just to try and give me an ulcer or make the colonists think that all of Star Fleet is a bunch of incompetent nerf herders. Then who am I to talk, chief nerf herder in the nerf herder tribe. And I’m scruffy looking to boot.

I could use a drink.

Survey Log - 20120104.0750

The Hercules dropped the kitchen module, laboratory module, portable sanitation modules and infirmary modules this morning. The last of the supplies have been delivered and we are on our own. Routine supply runs will be made via Runabout for the remainder of the mission.

Hot meals will now be available and Team 3 now has medical personnel to help deal with any emergencies. The scientific personnel will now be able to process samples to compile a complete report about P3-4797’s suitability as a home for the new Sheridan Colony.

A schedule of tasks has been provided by the colony administrators for their personnel to undertake. Marine security groups will be assigned to groups leaving the base camp.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120104.1746

My sleep was interrupted by a Mr. Peabody. He informed me that the survey team was not doing the survey correctly. When I asked if they were conducting the survey according to established procedure he was not able to tell me. Needless to say that the conversation will probably result in an official complaint. Apparently he is not a surveyor or any kind of civil engineer. He is, I was informed, one of the administrators for the Sheridan Colony. I was barely able to contain my excitement as he informed me. Barely. The survey team were then informed by me to adhere to the Starfleet protocol for conducting a survey to the letter.

At dinner, the first hot meal on the planet, some of the colonists asked me to sit with them. I used the excuse that I should eat the first hot meal with the Marines. They understood. I ate in my tent. The last thing the Marines need is to have to look at a sorry excuse for an officer while enjoying their first hot meal. I only wish I had some beers to give them.

Survey Log - 20120105.1723

The survey team continues to conduct a detailed survey of the Alpha site. Lt. JG McAllister has reported that some caves were located about 1 kilometer Northeast of the base camp. The colonial geologist, Dr. Stone, and a few of the other colonists have requested permission to explore the caves. Mr. Peabody has taken the request under advisement. Mission Commander Ferris has indicated that no such expeditions can be undertaken until the Marine security force can provide sufficient manpower, which will not be until they have completed their primary training schedule. That is estimated to be three days.

The Marine platoon continue training, Lt. Ring reports that they are making good progress and is sure that the training regimen will be completed on schedule. Mr. Peabody has been informed of this.

The colonists are gathering samples and compiling reports of their findings. Signs are good that P3-4797 will be a suitable planet should the colonial admin team, Star Fleet Colonial Command and the Federation Council approve.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120105.2120

Mr. Peabody has insisted that I attend the morning meetings. He feels it’s critical that I be present when he hands out the work assignments to the colonists and the survey team. Lt. McAllister, who is the head of the survey team, has been trying to diplomatically explain to Peabody that he has a schedule of tasks already and that Mr. Peabody needs to stop trying to assign the survey team work. I explained it in a more direct manner after the morning meeting. The conversation is surely going to result in a formal complaint. Mr. Peabody seems to find my manner, as he puts it, Unprofessional, ragged, and thoroughly unpleasant. I’m not sure if his having taken more than a week to say anything is a testament to his civil bearing or his lack of a clue.

McAllister and his team found some cave about a kilometer from the camp. I’ve made them off limits until the Marines have finished the training schedule. I’m sure someone is going to go up there before I say it’s okay, after all no one really puts much stock in my being in charge, least of all me. If I did I’d have posted a guard, and placed a remote sensor, or a sign, or some cans and a string. But I guess I’m just not that invested in giving a shit. Or, more than likely, I’m waiting for someone to disobey my instructions so I can be a bastard to them. I am a mean drunk. And I haven’t been drinking. I wonder if this is the DTs?

Survey Log - 20120107.1024

CMDR Ferris continues to be present at the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody.

Dr. Stone, the colony geologist, and Dr. Armstrong, the colony marine biologist, were missing for several hours after taking an unauthorized trip to the cave network discovered by Lt. McAllister and his survey team. Mr. Peabody had been alerted at 1400 hours that neither had been seen since lunch. When he was unable to reach them via comm-link and there was no sign of them on satellite imaging he notified CMDR Ferris. CMDR Ferris contacted Lt. JG Ring and had him send the Scout AI and two Marines back to Base Camp.

Lt. JG Mcallister, the Scout AI Bishop and two Marines were ordered to the cave opening. Lt. JG McAllister and one Marine were to remain outside to try and provide continued radio communications while Bishop and the other Marine were sent into the caves to escort Dr Stone and Dr. Armstrong out. CMDR gave orders that if they protested or resisted they were to be stunned and carried back to Base Camp bodily. Administrator Peabody lodged a complaint, which CMDR Ferris acknowledged.

At 1730 hours the rescue team returned to the camp with Dr. Stone, unconscious, and Dr. Armstrong. CMDR Ferris had the medical officer revive Dr. Stone, who had been stunned by the rescue team. CMDR Ferris asked Dr. Stone if there was a good reason that he shouldn’t be confined to Base Camp. Dr. Stone protested, stating that CMDR Ferris had no authority over him as he was not a member of Star Fleet. CMDR Ferris asked Dr. Stone if that was the position he intended to take, and when Dr. Stone confirmed that was his assertion CMDR ordered that he was confined to the Base Camp for the remainder of the expedition unless assigned a specific task outside the camp by Administrator Peabody. When he did leave Base Camp he would have a security escort at all times. Dr. Stone again stated his position that CMDR Ferris had no authority to enforce such an order. It was at this time that CMDR Ferris asked Mr. Peabody to explain to Dr. Stone the truth of the matter. Mr. Peabody informed Dr. Stone that CMDR Ferris did indeed have the authority, as this mission was under the authority of Star Fleet command and that this authority had come from the Colonial Government and the Federation Council. At this time Dr. Stone apologized to CMDR Ferris for his actions, for violating the order to stay clear of the caves and for challenging CMDR Ferris’ authority. CMDR Ferris accepted Dr. Stone’s apology and confined him to the Base Camp for the remainder of the expedition unless he was assigned a specific task by Administrator Peabody, and any trips outside of the Base Camp would require he have a two man security escort. Dr. Stone began to protest, but Mr. Peabody intervened and CMDR Ferris returned to his duties.

Dr. Stone has filed a formal complaint with the Sheridan Colony governing council, Star Fleet Command, and The Federation Council.

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120107.1232

Peabody woke me up from my afternoon nap to tell me that two of the colonists were missing. For just a second I felt like my old self. That rush of adrenaline and focus. Luckily it only lasted a second. Apparently the geologist Stone and the marine biologist Armstrong were missing and couldn’t be reached on comms. The second he said geologist I knew where they were. Didn’t take a rocket surgeon. I’d seen Stone making smiley eyes at Armstrong a few times. He took her up to the caves, which were still off-limits.

I had McAllister lead the Scout AI and two marines up there. The Scout and one of the Marines went in to get them. to make the trip worth it I gave them authorization to shoot the colonists if they resisted. Needless to say, there is going to be a formal complaint filed.

Stone seemed to be under the mistaken impression that I didn’t have the authority to stomp his pee-pee into the dirt. The mere threat of confining him to the Base Camp resulted in a rant about his rights, my authority, blah, blah, blah. I even asked if he was sure that’s how he wanted to go about this. I was hoping he’d stand his ground. I haven’t stomped on anyone in weeks, and Stone had that sort of pretty face and winning smile that makes people want to stomp on it.

Stone stood his ground and then Mr. Peabody, bless his bureaucratic soul, informed Stone I did indeed have the authority. So I dropped the hammer on him. Confined to Base Camp. then he got all apologetic. I’m sorry, I over reacted, I’ve been under some stress, etc. Not once did he say he was sorry for dragging Armstrong into a potentially dangerous situation without telling anyone where he’d gone. Not once did he admit that when the comm-links told them they were out of range that he should have turned back. So I was the better man. I accepted his apology. and then I told him he was still confined to Base Camp under the exact same conditions. That really pissed him off. I couldn’t resist. I had to site all the reasons his apology was a hollow attempt to try and get me to abort his confinement. I could tell though that Armstrong got the message. You could almost see the light bulb come on behind her eyes. Not that I can blame Stone for wanting to get her alone and impress her with his spelunking skills. But I’m not gonna pass up a chance to stomp on a pretty boy, a man has to have his priorities straight.

Afterwards Armstrong apologized to me. She admitted that she should have known better. She also told me that it wouldn’t happen again. It probably wont. Well, she wont do anything like that again probably.

After the excitement Peabody asked to talk to me alone. I assumed this was going to be the ‘you were too hard on him’ talk. It wasn’t, so Peabody moves up one rung on the ladder of my respect. He asked me to talk to the Marines. He’d noticed some of them giving the eye to one of the female colonists. I wasn’t going to do it without a good reason, since I’m not in the business of cock-blocking, especially Marines. He said, in that round about way he has of saying everything, that she’s led a sheltered life and might not be equipped to handle the advances of the young Marines. I told him I’d take care of it, which seemed to satisfy him. this just goes to show he doesn’t really understand me yet. I’m going to talk to the woman first. For all I know she’s itching to be the target of a romantic frontal assault, not that any of the Marines here are capable of the romantic part of that assault. But I’m not going to get into the business of cock-blocking unless it’s really warranted.

I need a drink.

Survey Log - 20120108.1552

CMDR Ferris continues to be present at the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody. Now that the Marines have finished their training exercises the colonists have security escorts which allow them to explore a larger area. They are continuing to take samples and conduct analysis or same.

Lt. JG McAllister completed the phase 1 survey of the Alpha site. His report warns that a river in the valley below the site could pose a danger of flooding from a lake which feeds it situated on higher ground. CMDR Ferris authorized him to take his survey team and a security detachment to conduct a Phase 1 survey of the Beta site provided by the USS Hercules as an alternate settlement site. Mr. Peabody suggested that the Beta site, as provided by the Hercules would not meet the colony’s needs. CMDR Ferris told Lt. JG McAllister to note Mr. Peabody’s protest in his report.

With the Marine training schedule completed Lt. JG Ring has been providing assistance to Administrator Peabody to develop schedules and security escort rosters for expanded exploration of the area.


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