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1518 The Vedas tell the citizens of Ocean Grove that the Vscika home is being torn apart and that they will have to be brought here to Mina to preserve their race. There is no debate, no questions. The Great Migration begins and will last for five months.

1758 Public debate on the matter of Vscika rights turns to armed conflict. Militias are formed all over the country taking one side of the issue or the other. No part of the country escapes the fighting. First Citizen Bentrada’s refusal to decide the matter openly is taken by the population as a sign that they must settle the matter through violence.

1762 First Civil War ends with the Equality of Life Proclamation. This grants Vscika all the same rights as the Mina and makes them full citizens of the Mina Destiny.

1922 Trans-Mat service opens between Ocean Grove and Eurka Bay, about fifty kilometers north of Ocean Grove. Stations begin to be constructed in major cities first. Corpascri and North Point open within a year. Trans-Mat fully replaces rail for passenger transportation by 1940.

1945 Second Civil War begins over the rights of ranch owners to raise and sell meat for slaughter. This is brought about by a new scientific process to clone animal meat for consumption. The economics of many of the Western provinces is tied to cattle ranching. Protests become armed conflict when the Central Authority passes new laws restricting shipment of live animals or meat from live animals by rail or Trans-Mat. Open fighting takes place in the central provinces as authorities try to prevent shipment of meat by train to cities which refuse to uphold the new cloned meat laws. This is the first time the Central Authority is forced to form a military. Citizens don’t feel they should stand in the way, Regulators are too few and far between to mount a resistance to the armed cattle rangers and their employees. The Combined Arms Center is created and tasked with forming an armed force to enforce the laws and put down the resistance. The Provincial Army is the result, the first time soldier becomes a paid profession on Mina.

1950 Work on the telephone network in Ocean Grove is completed. Several cities begin to model an internal communications structure on the radio tower system. Without the sophisticated routing systems in the Ancient Pillars the Mina use manual operator switchboards manned by people.

1952 Second Civil War ends with the signing of the Sierra Accords at Sierra Army Depot ending a bloody seven year armed struggle.

1955 Wireless hand held phones begin to enter the market.

1962 Present Day

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Mina History

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