Star Trek – Lost Souls

The Sheridan Colony on P3-3936 needs to be evacuated. A rogue star is going to collide with the systems star in a little over 14 months. The Federation has identified three planets that aren’t too far away that might be suitable candidates for the colony. Teams have been sent to each planet to conduct a quick survey (3 months) then those findings will be reviewed by the colony and Star Fleet Colonial Command to determine which planet is the best match. The remaining time before the catastrophe will be used to transport the colonists to the new world. The USS Hercules has been assigned as the primary on the mission. She dropped all of the survey teams off on their planets and runabouts from her conduct regular resupply missions for the teams. The survey teams consist of both Star Fleet personnel and colonists. Data will be collected, and the colonists are supposed to try and acclimate to see if the planet feels right. Team 3, led by Commander James Ferris, is accompanied by a platoon of raw Marines conducting training on the planets surface.

It’s been six weeks. The planet Team 3 is surveying, P3-4797, looks very promising. Soil seems suitable to the colonies needs. Plenty of surface water and abundant plant life. The planet might prove to be the perfect place for the Sheridan Colony to rebuild.

Or so it seems….

Stranded on an alien world, it’s civilization crumbling after being hit with a devastating plague, the expedition must survive, find a way home, and try to help save the last survivors of this world. Where do they draw the line though, the Prime Directive is no help now. What will they do to survive, and how far will they go to help the people around them?

Through Star Fleet engineering, hard work, and luck, the Expedition manages to make it back to Federation Space. Transported to the USS Riemann they are reunited with loved ones and safe.

Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

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