Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 201201031526

Three months. I just have to hold out for three months and I’ll be done. It could be shorter if the planet proves to be less than ideal, but from the noises the colonists that came along were making that doesn’t look very likely.

Lt. Ring and his platoon of Marines are going to be painful to watch. He has all of three people that seem to know which end of the pulse rifle you point away from yourself. A retired twice Senior Chief they pulled back to active duty, a solid Chief Petty Officer and a sniper. If Ring and these kids are the future infantry arm of Star Fleet I’m glad I’m getting out now.

Watching some of these colonists makes me wonder how they ever managed to settle a virgin world, then I realize that Sheridan Colony has been there longer than some of these people have been alive. Scientists, the whole colony seemed to be made up of them. Studying one thing or another. Now we have a field full of tents and a bunch of people that aren’t used to roughing it. Some exceptions, but mostly what they used to call tenderfoots.

I have to wonder if the Star Fleet personnel that were, as Admiral “Asshole” Gates put it ‘Hand picked’ for this mission weren’t hand picked just to try and give me an ulcer or make the colonists think that all of Star Fleet is a bunch of incompetent nerf herders. Then who am I to talk, chief nerf herder in the nerf herder tribe. And I’m scruffy looking to boot.

I could use a drink.



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