Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120108.2230

I spoke with Dr. Orden. Yes, doctor. I’m not even sure she’s old enough to buy alcohol. Peabody had asked me to talk to the Marines, to ensure that none of them made any advances toward her. It was a short conversation. I’m told that she is brilliant, and I’m sure that’s the case. But she’s also clueless on some fronts. Let’s face it though, we all are.

I told the Marines that she was off limits. I told them to think of her as their kid sister. that generally does the trick in these sorts of situations.

Still months to go before we’re done here. Every new discovery is cause for shouts of joy and cheering. It’s starting to make me sick to my stomach.

Lt. JG McAllister and his survey team are busting ass to get the survey of the Beta site done. He’s worried that the Alpha site might be in danger of a flood, and if he’s on he Beta site Peabody can’t give them something to do.

Lt. JG Ring has finished the training schedule with the Marines. I observed on and off during the training exercises. If we didn’t need them to act as security, I’d make them repeat the entire evolution again. They need the practice.

I could use a cigarette.



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