Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120111.1108

Mornings here now drag on for hours. The new XO has decided that instead of one boring morning meeting she wants to have four slightly more boring meetings. Her goal was to improve the efficiency of how the meeting passed along the information. Survey team members gave brief reports, admin gave out assignments. She wanted to cut down on the time wasted by the colonists chatting about the finds they’d made. Which was the only thing that made the meeting not suck like the vacuum of space. Now it’s four meetings, more focused. It takes more time overall, but it’s more efficient. I think she just did it to force me to stay awake longer in the mornings. After four cups of Buckman’s coffee there’s not much chance I’ll get back to sleep, and so the day must continue. If I have to give up caffeine I refuse to be held responsible for the violence that might result.

Mr. Peabody rarely talks to me anymore. He has the XO to talk to now. And I’m sure he’s thrilled to have her as a buffer to my charming disposition. She pretends not to be annoyed when she has to interact with me. She’s a remarkably good officer, which is probably why they stuck her here between assignments. Just in case I break down or crash. The confidence in my abilities is sometimes staggering to witness. The funny thing is, I bet they didn’t brief her as to why she drew this cherry job. Normally she’d be on transitional leave for the two or three months until her next duty assignment. I bet she’s pissed. I know I would have been when I was a fresh Lieutenant.

So far no one has gotten themselves killed running all over. They’re happy to be able to go further out, and a few of the expedition teams have made over nights of it. Base Camp is quiet during the day, which makes sleeping easier. That is until the XO finds it necessary to wake me up to ask me to review a duty roster or something else well within her scope of responsibility. Those are the times I’m sure she’s just fucking with me. Bless her heart.



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