Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

CMDR James Ferris - Personal Log - 20120208.1012

Tezeno came to see me early this morning. the Marines had been telling people that some noise in the distance was thunder. It helped people go back to sleep. It was gun fire. She asked if we should tell the colonists. I told her to do what she thought would be best. She gets this look on her face when she’s torqued out of shape that almost makes me smile. She’s a command officer, she needs to make these sorts of calls, someday there wont be a grizzled old SOB around to offer her advice.

The gun fire was too sporadic to be combat. It’s possible it was someone having an unpleasant run in with one of the liberated zoo animals. Or it was murder. Low volley rates.

Things are going to get worse.

Lt. JG McAllister made first contact with some of the locals today. From the sounds of things he nearly got himself shot. He’s a good officer, just maybe not cut out for command. But, on the bright side, this little adventure will tell him for sure if it’s for him or not.

I fear that we will start to pick up strays. Dr. Biron befriended a local, maybe ten or twelve. He’s probably not going to be able to shake her from what I’m hearing now. This is going to complicate things. I got a text message from McAllister. He’s curious about my assigning Cobb to babysit Dr. Orden, asking if it’s necessary. I should pull Cobb from the job for three days and then ask Mcallister if he trusted my judgment or still had doubts. Only problem is, I can’t trust her not to get killed, and if Dr. Vollker is right she’s our best chance of getting the hell out of here. so I really can’t risk letting her get killed.

I found some crutches that I managed to adjust for me. It’s nice that the Mina and Vsika are so different in height, they thought to make just about everything adjustable. I get a lot of compliments at how good I get around on them. It reminds me how many times I’ve had to. That in turn makes me think I’m too tired to do this anymore. But I can’t just go lay down. Not now. As much as I hate the idea, there are entirely too many people counting on me not to go to sleep.

Speaking of sleep. Parker found out about this stuff called Jazi. Drax mentioned it to her. It’s tea, for all intents and purposes. But it’s pretty strong. Buckman has managed to make it strong enough to be coffee like. It’s not coffee, but it may still save lives.

The medical folks have stopped chasing me around with pain killers. As much as I loved the attention, I’m glad to have that milestone passed. Now I just need to wait for the still to be finished so I can get bombed out of my gourd.



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