Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Darwin, Personal Log, 20120212.1225

welcome to dinosaur island

This planet has an incredible range of very large animals. On our way to the island which launches supplies to the orbiting space station, a small team was sent to reconnoiter a small seaside community which turned out to still have some inhabitants. After a brief, initially tense exchange in which the team identified us and our purpose for being in the area, the rest of the team was transported in, and one of the locals took us to a nearby Maritime Museum.

Local image recording technology is not very advanced, so all of the representations of creatures in the museum were rendered by hand and created at true scale. The sea teems with life, with creatures analogous to crustaceans, whales, and very large sharks represented. These life forms all appear to be native to the planet, unlike either resident sentient species. I am beginning to think that this planet may have been used for various purposes on numerous occasions by other space faring species. More on that to follow.

We borrowed a large sailing vessel from the local marina and headed out towards the Equatorial Launch Island; it took about three days to get there. We encountered none of the large aquatic species. Upon our arrival, we found our way to a facility at the dock area. While investigating the dock area, I came upon tracks which appeared to be generally reptilian in nature. The tracks were very large, from a large, bipedal creature which weighed in the neighborhood of 700 pounds. The creature’s droppings indicated it to be a meat eater. Soon after bringing this to the attention of the Officer in Charge, Lt McAllister, the creature attacked the group. Phasers brought it down. I do not like to kill, but in this instance it seemed necessary, so I ensured that it was dead by eviscerating it.

We borrowed a truck and drove up to the launch facility. We were stalked and then attacked by a pack of predators, the same species as that which attacked us at the dock. Their behavior indicates they are capable of working together towards a desired outcome. Their activity attracted the attention of an even larger predator, analogous to a Tyrannosaurus Rex in size and abilities. The ‘dinosaur’ attacked and ate one of the smaller reptilians, and we hurried off to the comparative safety of the launch facility, which is surrounded by layers of stockades and electrified fencing. Ms. Parker seems to be somewhat phobic of large reptiles. She may require sedatives to get back to the dock area.

I spent a good part of the next few days up in the facility watchtowers, observing the dinosaurs. There are large herbivorous species here as well. The interesting thing is that none of them are native to the planet, which makes me wonder: was this island, or this planet, a large game reserve planted with challenging prey for some as yet unknown species to hunt? Numerous alien artifacts indicate some sort of long term use of, or presence in, the region. That may explain the size and speed of the big cats as well; what if they were bred to possess challenging hunt characteristics?

On a side note, I believe Dr. Orden is in dire need of a boyfriend, and subconsciously, sees our stranding on this planet as an opportunity to pick and choose amongst the males present for the most suitable genetic material to sire her preferably math-talented children. She estimates that Star Fleet or the Federation have a very small chance to be able to rescue us, and thinks we should begin breeding. I am fairly certain that she has not fully considered all of the implications of her plans, and while watching her evaluate the men for their breeding potential is highly amusing, I am concerned for her and for the stability of the larger group of transplantees. I have full faith in an eventual rescue, and my primary goal is to survive long enough for the rescue to be implemented. I’m not sure they will have the necessary patience, and fear that they may give up trying to escape from this side of the transmat and set up their own colony here. I do not wish to be a colony broodmare.



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