Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Expedition Log - 20120213.1056

The Jump Team made a quick expeditionary jump to Venezara, the first leg of the journey to Equitoria to resupply Space Station Unity. A misunderstanding at the Trans-Mat site resulted in shots being exchanged and Ms. Parker and Petty Officer Hutchinson being wounded. Reports indicated neither wound was life threatening.

The Jump Team then regrouped in Venezara. They plan to take a ship to Equitoria to conduct the resupply mission. Initial reports say that the sea voyage will be three days, and Lt. JG McAllister suspects the resupply will take three to four days.

A work party came under fire from locals today. Marines returned fire and a coordinated effort allowed the team to be extracted from the fight with no serious casualties. Dr. Volker was hit in the arm. The Marine Combat Medic Shelton, Dr. Rioux, and Nurse Barton were able to treat the wound and are confident Dr. Volker will make a full recovery.

CMDR Ferris and Lt. Tezeno have devised a plan to begin clearing the bodies from the cathedral. Two teams of five using two pulse rifles tied into the city power grid will begin a systematic disintegration of the bodies. This work will be conducted while the engineers continue to study the Grand-Trans Mat.

Reports from Equitoria indicate the island is inhabited by large animals, described as being dinosaur like. Scientific data suggests that the animals on the island are not native to the planet, and an artifact similar to the pillars in Ocean Grove, is located on the island. the team intends to attempt to examine the device before leaving the island.

The resupply mission is reported as successful. Materials for eight months have been sent to Station Unity, which has made for crowded conditions for the crew according to Drax, but improved morale.

Armed conflict with locals is on the rise. Work parties were fired upon today by locals. Attempts to negotiate were met with gunfire. Administrator Peabody spoke with Lt. Tezeno and CMDR Ferris about rising concerns among the civilians regarding safety during work excursions. Foraging missions were becoming extremely dangerous and many of the civilians indicated that they did not feel safe, even with Marine escorts. CMDR Ferris agreed to stop having civilians participate in foraging missions, shifting that duty to Star Fleet personnel. The civilians who had volunteered to help with clearing the dead from the cathedral made a separate request through Administrator Peabody that they be allowed to continue their work. CMDR Ferris granted the request.



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