Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120112.1224

I’m never sure if CMDR Ferris is letting me take care of everything because he’s confident I can, or he’s just too lazy and unmotivated to take an interest. The fact that dad is here isn’t helping at all. I know he’ll understand me not being too chummy. But it’s still awkward.

The admin staff here are very good. Administrator Peabody of the Sheridan Colony team is incredibly organized, if a little anal about how he wants some things done. Crewman Briggs, my Operations Clerk, knows his stuff. He’ll make Petty Officer in no time. He manages to file the survey logs and make them sound perfectly normal, which is far from the truth. CMDR Ferris is, well I’m not sure. He’s a Commander, and Marine Officers don’t make that grade without being damn good. But he sure as hell doesn’t seem like he’s all that squared away or on top of things. I give him the daily report, which he tosses onto the pile of PADDs outside his tent. Briggs picks them up every morning and the pile starts all over again. It’s like he’s not here to do anything. Granted, this is a pretty easy assignment, so I suppose his not doing anything isn’t an issue.

Admiral Clark asked me to take this assignment before going to the Sarajevo to provide a proper Star Fleet presence. I didn’t realize what she meant until I met CMDR Ferris. I was excited to be a freshly minted Lieutenant and assigned as XO, even for such a short assignment. Then I realized that I’m probably going to be asked to report on CMDR Ferris’ behavior here. It’s only a couple more months, and it’s a nice assignment. Not the vacation I had been planning on, but it’s scenic and I get to relax some compared to the USS Hood. And I’m the XO. Only CMDR Ferris outranks me on the Star Fleet side. It’s sort of a nice feeling being the senior officer for a change. A little scary too.



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