Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120207.1132

The Marines were telling the civilians last night that the sound in the distance was thunder. At the morning briefing I explained that they were mistaken, and that we’d learned it was actually gun fire. I want them to be aware of the dangers. CMDR Ferris had no objection, but he so unhelpfully didn’t really give me any advice either.

Ms. Parker has been helpful, keeping an ear to the ground and letting me know the temper of the civilians. Peabody has been playing things close, he’s trying to keep everyone happy in the civilian camp, and that wont be possible. I’m hoping that things don’t get messy. Ferris will probably drop the hammer on anyone that questions his authority, and I’m going to be the one picking up the pieces.

Dad is on the Jump Team. I’m telling myself it’s because Greer can handle the Marines and the Jump Team needs dad’s experience. I don’t want to think I’m asking him to leave all the time just to avoid uncomfortable moments. It’s funny, Parker and I were talking about family and growing up. She’s got a lot of siblings, and she seems so happy. She’s out here in the big vast universe too. She’s not married, she doesn’t seem to be the type to sit on the sidelines. So why is mom so bent out of shape about me being in Star Fleet? It can’t be just because dad was a career Marine. They divorced, and I know they still had feelings because I came along after the divorce. So what isn’t she telling me about? and is it important? Will it change anything? I joined, I’m an officer, and I’m in for the long haul. Of course that could mean a short career if we don’t get out of here sometime soon.

We assigned Lt. JG McAllister to the Jump Team as OIC. They needed an officer, and he was the only choice that didn’t seem totally bad. I’m so elitist with my red uniform, sheesh. He’s enthusiastic. He’s also one of a very few officers I have, so I lead with my strong candidate. I just hope it wasn’t a mistake.

The Jump Team is going to be on the move for a while. And more locals are finding out about us all the time. McAllister made first contact with some Regulators, which are apparently like roaming police officers. the team also met five other survivors living in a sort of family unit, and then Biron’s little girl. I’m still sifting through the report, trying to figure out why Bishop suggested him as the person to talk to the girl. He might be buggy, which is the last thing I need. Maybe I’ll ask Hutch to run a full diagnostic on his AI systems. If he’s breaking down I need to know sooner rather than later.



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