Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

LT. Jessie Tezeno - Personal Log - 20120213.1355

The Jump Team is off an will probably be gone for a few weeks. Parker and Hutch got shot. Apparently nothing major, but Parker will have a heck of a story to tell and have trouble sitting for a while I’m told. Hutch might be in a sling and have a scar. You don’t see many of those on Star Fleet engineers.

Volker got winged. The scavenging party he was with came under fire. He got hit, the Marines returned fire. Lt. Ring talked them back through some procedures to prevent drawing whoever was shooting right back to us. Ring did okay, he seemed to be on top of things. When I mentioned it to Ferris he wasn’t impressed. “Sure he did okay, all he had to do was remember retreat procedures and give out map points. No one was shooting at him.” Put like that I guess it wasn’t hard. It made me think of my future some. Commanding a star ship (I know Jessie, don’t get ahead of yourself). But seriously, if I am in command of a ship, and we’re in a fight. Wont it seem the same? Removed from the sense of danger somewhat? I’ll be responding to tactical data, giving orders to people who I wont be looking at mostly. It makes me think that Marine officers, officers like Ferris, have a very different view of combat then the rest of us. They stare it and the men facing it right in the eyes. It makes dad make more sense. He’s better alone, away from everything. Maybe it’s how he finds his inner peace. Something Ferris doesn’t seem to have any of.

Things are getting worse out in the city. Ferris explained to me that it’s the natural decay of a civilization. He says that situations like this bring out two kinds of people. The best kind and the worst kind. But apparently the ones shooting at us might be either kind. as Ferris says, “We are an invading alien force.” So I guess I can understand how they might shoot first and not bother to ask questions.

The still is cooking up it’s first batch of possibly human consumable alcohol. The first batch got the no-go from Dr.. Aronson. She’s the civilian chemist who has been kind enough to help out with the secret project that apparently everyone knows about. the first batch went to the medical staff. Not fit for human consumption. But apparently good for cleaning wounds, instruments, and lighting things on fire.

Buckman has started taking suggestions from people for things they’d like to see on the menu. He’s trying to keep the food interesting, since the days tend to be pretty dull for the majority. It’s been helping. I’m afraid the still will help more. when I asked Ferris if we should enact some sort of strict rationing of the soon to be alcohol he was not helpful. “Whatever you think is best Lieutenant.” I so want to sock him in the mouth when he says that. But all I can muster is a Yes Sir. Good little command officer that I am. We’re going to have to keep it under lock and key. And I think I’ll have to set some sort of ration limit. Once I know how much it’ll make and how fast it will make it I can make a more informed decision.

The increased violence outside has some of the civilians freaked out. Hell it has me freaked out. Peabody came to Ferris and me and said that the majority don’t want to be part of the scavenging parties. I didn’t even get my mouth open before Ferris said that was fine and he understood and the Star Fleet personnel would handle it from now on. The folks that volunteered for the body disposal at the cathedral wanted it clear that they wished to keep working on that until it was done. Ferris gave that the nod as well. It makes me think he’s up to something, but later he explained that it’s our job to face danger on behalf of the civilians. He’s right. Which is annoying. Where is this wisdom when I ASK FOR IT!



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