Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Lt. JG McAllister - Personal Log - 20120207.0949

I have been assigned as the OIC of the Jump Team. Not really what I expected, but I’m up to the task. The Marine Senior Chief is part of the team, and so I will be relying on him heavily for his tactical expertise. He’s been very helpful so far, and it’s reassuring that Lt. Tezeno felt I would be a suitable choice for this task.

Our first mission was to investigate the zoo, Ms. Darwin wanted to get some materials from there, and Dr. Sim seemed convinced that there might be useful information regarding the animal life on the planet and how the virus effected them. Dr. Orden needed the operators manual for the local Trans-Mat system, and we had learned that could be acquired from the civil offices. I decided to split the team to tackle both problems at once, and then to rendezvous before taking care of our second missions.

I went to the civic center and we encountered a local law enforcement officer and his deputy. I thought the encounter went very well. It seems that the Regulators are charged with keeping the peace, and this pair had been informed someone was breaking into the civic center. I made initial contact, and we assured them that we were peaceful and explained what we were there for. He seemed to accept that, and there was not trouble.

The team at the zoo had an encounter with one of the planets large feline predators. There were no serious injuries, although one of the Marines stunned Darwin. He insisted that it was intentional, to prevent her from being seriously injured when the cat made an unpredicted assault. Eye witness reports suggest had she not been stunned and fallen the cat, which had also been stunned, would have plowed into her with considerable force.

Mission two was to conduct a more expanded first contact with some locals the Jump Team had encountered the day before, and to investigate the train station where the local Trans-Mat was. We kept the same personnel split, I accompanied the group to the Trans-Mat station.

We sent a small group back to base camp with materials and samples we’d collected from the zoo and copies of the Trans-Mat operations manual.

At the train station Bishop discovered a young child on his recon, and determined that Dr. Biron would be the best suited of the team to conduct first contact. I’m amazed with the sophistication of the AI systems and their reasoning abilities. I saw no reason to dispute the analysis and asked Dr. Biron to investigate. the facility had been set up as a clinic for the victims of the virus, and had the dead stacked three deep in row after row. The arrival at the cathedral had been a hard experience, all those dead just sitting there. This was something else entirely. I hope to never see anything like this again, but I fear I will.

Dr. Orden got the Trans-Mat working, and wanted to conduct an immediate jump. I thought it best we wait to test it and asked her to find a neutral location, some place that was available bu neither of our intended future destinations.

With the help of a local woman that the other team met during the first contact, we were able to lay the mother of the young girl to rest with the proper ceremony. The girl seems to have elected to stay with Biron as opposed to be with her own people. I have the feeling that CMDR Ferris wont be too keen on this, but the girl has suffered enough trauma and forcing her to go with someone other than Biron seemed ill advised.

We conducted a test of the Trans-Mat. Bishop, Dr. Orden, and a Marine who I assume was given orders by the Commander to look after Dr. Orden, went through. They reported back a few minutes later. The city was larger than Ocean Grove, a population on the order of 1.5 million. The Trans-Mat station showed signs of having been barricaded and defended by armed guards. It had been overrun, and there were numerous dead. the city beyond showed signs of conflict, and evidence of a number of fires could bee seen. It seems ion the more congested areas panic and riots did occur.

We are going to take some time to collect any useful material from the train station and then embark on the next mission. Making our way to the island support base for Unity Station and attempting to resupply them.



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