Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Survey Log - 20120105.1723

The survey team continues to conduct a detailed survey of the Alpha site. Lt. JG McAllister has reported that some caves were located about 1 kilometer Northeast of the base camp. The colonial geologist, Dr. Stone, and a few of the other colonists have requested permission to explore the caves. Mr. Peabody has taken the request under advisement. Mission Commander Ferris has indicated that no such expeditions can be undertaken until the Marine security force can provide sufficient manpower, which will not be until they have completed their primary training schedule. That is estimated to be three days.

The Marine platoon continue training, Lt. Ring reports that they are making good progress and is sure that the training regimen will be completed on schedule. Mr. Peabody has been informed of this.

The colonists are gathering samples and compiling reports of their findings. Signs are good that P3-4797 will be a suitable planet should the colonial admin team, Star Fleet Colonial Command and the Federation Council approve.



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