Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Survey Log - 20120107.1024

CMDR Ferris continues to be present at the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody.

Dr. Stone, the colony geologist, and Dr. Armstrong, the colony marine biologist, were missing for several hours after taking an unauthorized trip to the cave network discovered by Lt. McAllister and his survey team. Mr. Peabody had been alerted at 1400 hours that neither had been seen since lunch. When he was unable to reach them via comm-link and there was no sign of them on satellite imaging he notified CMDR Ferris. CMDR Ferris contacted Lt. JG Ring and had him send the Scout AI and two Marines back to Base Camp.

Lt. JG Mcallister, the Scout AI Bishop and two Marines were ordered to the cave opening. Lt. JG McAllister and one Marine were to remain outside to try and provide continued radio communications while Bishop and the other Marine were sent into the caves to escort Dr Stone and Dr. Armstrong out. CMDR gave orders that if they protested or resisted they were to be stunned and carried back to Base Camp bodily. Administrator Peabody lodged a complaint, which CMDR Ferris acknowledged.

At 1730 hours the rescue team returned to the camp with Dr. Stone, unconscious, and Dr. Armstrong. CMDR Ferris had the medical officer revive Dr. Stone, who had been stunned by the rescue team. CMDR Ferris asked Dr. Stone if there was a good reason that he shouldn’t be confined to Base Camp. Dr. Stone protested, stating that CMDR Ferris had no authority over him as he was not a member of Star Fleet. CMDR Ferris asked Dr. Stone if that was the position he intended to take, and when Dr. Stone confirmed that was his assertion CMDR ordered that he was confined to the Base Camp for the remainder of the expedition unless assigned a specific task outside the camp by Administrator Peabody. When he did leave Base Camp he would have a security escort at all times. Dr. Stone again stated his position that CMDR Ferris had no authority to enforce such an order. It was at this time that CMDR Ferris asked Mr. Peabody to explain to Dr. Stone the truth of the matter. Mr. Peabody informed Dr. Stone that CMDR Ferris did indeed have the authority, as this mission was under the authority of Star Fleet command and that this authority had come from the Colonial Government and the Federation Council. At this time Dr. Stone apologized to CMDR Ferris for his actions, for violating the order to stay clear of the caves and for challenging CMDR Ferris’ authority. CMDR Ferris accepted Dr. Stone’s apology and confined him to the Base Camp for the remainder of the expedition unless he was assigned a specific task by Administrator Peabody, and any trips outside of the Base Camp would require he have a two man security escort. Dr. Stone began to protest, but Mr. Peabody intervened and CMDR Ferris returned to his duties.

Dr. Stone has filed a formal complaint with the Sheridan Colony governing council, Star Fleet Command, and The Federation Council.



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