Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Survey Log - 20120108.1552

CMDR Ferris continues to be present at the morning meetings at the request of Administrator Peabody. Now that the Marines have finished their training exercises the colonists have security escorts which allow them to explore a larger area. They are continuing to take samples and conduct analysis or same.

Lt. JG McAllister completed the phase 1 survey of the Alpha site. His report warns that a river in the valley below the site could pose a danger of flooding from a lake which feeds it situated on higher ground. CMDR Ferris authorized him to take his survey team and a security detachment to conduct a Phase 1 survey of the Beta site provided by the USS Hercules as an alternate settlement site. Mr. Peabody suggested that the Beta site, as provided by the Hercules would not meet the colony’s needs. CMDR Ferris told Lt. JG McAllister to note Mr. Peabody’s protest in his report.

With the Marine training schedule completed Lt. JG Ring has been providing assistance to Administrator Peabody to develop schedules and security escort rosters for expanded exploration of the area.



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