Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Survey Log - 20120110.1139

Lt. Tezeno, Lt. JG Ring, and Administrator Peabody have begun to work out an extended expedition roster. They want to make sure that the twenty-five kilometers surrounding the Alpha site and at least ten kilometers surrounding the Beta site have been mapped and explored before the end of the mission.

Fresh fruits and vegetables deemed safe by the medical and science staff have been added to the meals. Petty Officer Buckman has been experimenting with these local foods at the mid-day meals.

The medical staff continue to treat minor injuries sustained by team personnel as they explore the planet. No serious injuries have been sustained yet, but administrative staff have begun to give safety reminders during the morning meetings.

With the number of personnel, Lt. Tezeno has broken the morning meetings into four smaller meetings that take place one after another. This allows a smoother rotation through the dining hall and gets teams to work faster. CMDR Ferris is required to attend all four meetings.

Intermittent rain continues to fall. Dr. Nash thinks that we are entering the rainy season. Several minor storm fronts are visible on satellite imaging. He expects the rainfall to be higher than Sheridan Colony is used to, which might impact the viability of P3-4797 as a suitable site.



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