Star Trek - Lost Souls [Cortex +]

Survey Log - 20120113.1155

Administrator Peabody filed a request with Star Fleet Command to move the survey team to the Beta site for the remainder of the expedition. He feels that with Lt. JG Mcallister’s report flagging the Alpha site as a possible flood plain and Mr. Ellsworth’s report concerning heavy metals that the Alpha site will give P3-4797 a red flag during the selection process. By moving the survey team to the Beta site he hopes to improve the chances of P3-4797 being selected as the new site for the Sheridan Colony. Lt. Tezeno tried to explain that those problems would not disqualify the planet from consideration, but he insisted and she saw no reason to refuse his request.

Medical issues remain minor. Continued expeditions are resulting in more field injuries, but the medical staff are reporting no serious issues. There have recently been discovered a wide variety of biting and stinging insects with the increase in wet weather.



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